Best Beer websites

The Best Beer Websites

Today we will review of the most magnificent beer and brewery website designs, we are not talking about ale beer or ginger. No, we are
talking about the best beer websites which happen to be mostly premium beers.

Beer brands pay a lot of attention  to their corporate identities and websites, this leaves a great impression on us and the average beer lover. If you like web design you will definitely get a lot of inspiration from this,our local beer websites in South Africa can learn a thing or two here.Who knows when last Black Label and Castle Lager revamped their website and image. South African beer  brewers watch closely.

Please note: by reading this post you confirm
that you are at least 18 years old and that you are aware of the drinking


Budweiser is the tycoon of beers and advertising  and their website is the one we begin with. It
has  A good smooth design with respectable Flash animation. The website is very is pleasant and clear. There are no distractions
and beer is all you see. Which is good, because beer is what Budweiser is all about.

brewery and beer designs

Corona Extra

The Corona beer website has the cleanest finish I have ever seen, a simple flash preloader and creative date of birth bar animation feature.
Corona really gets their message across on their websites ,it’s all about enjoyment people and relaxation. The beer company has a  positive message. By the way, the website also offers creating the user Corona-style photo galleries, nice move.Corona has been the sponsor Sponsor of our Clubcorona Blog for 2 years now.



Heineken websites excels in innovation and are undoubtedly most creative beer website, even the bottling of their beer is crisp. The website
might have a lot of features but it doesn’t distract you from the beer.


Heineken Red Start Soul

Is also another Heineken brand developed on a these so-called micro site created for the purpose of sub-campaigns.It’s quite similar to the Castle South African Local beer theme. micro sites have a usually have great designs -they attract visitors and a socialised.



This is a favorite amongst the guys at Great Energy Media , as they claim, probably the best website in the world. There are spans of different fun stuff and cool features on their website, which is a good thing.The best thing about the website right now is that it’s all St.Patrick’ally green and Carlsberg’s logo is a clover leaf,Clever



Also a website that’s St Patrick-friendly. Not only Guinness is the Irish beer, the website is currently holding a petition in order to be able to make St. Patrick’s Day an official holiday (be the way feel free to vote). Plus there’s a bunch of interesting Flash solutions at their website – such as the timeline with the brand’s history for example. Take a look:


Irish Pub website Design

Now that’s what I call a true St. Patrick’s Day design! No, really – it’s got everything including the glowing fonts and Irish caps patterns. The navigation menu is also so damn Irish, lovely wooden texture. What’s also worth attention is the background animation – the clouds in the header sky and the beer drop running down the glass.

irish pub website design

Coors Light

Another monster of beers. And it’s a good thing they combine these traditionally attendant things – beer and watching car racing. NASCAR is really all over the website, so is the beer. Buy the way, it’s worth respect that the whole corporate website has been customized for a single purpose of promoting a new product.

coors light


Our dear guest from the far-far Australia. The design is also kinda Australian – the colors and kangaroos, plus I love this tilted orientation. And the enormous beer can in the front – looks really great and indeed delivers the active and positive message of the company.


Miller Lite

In this little one it also shows that the whole design is meant to help deliver the information – unlike the cases when a good design completely distracts from the product itself. In this case the product IS the major design element – the zoomed beer flow really fascinates. Anyways, it’s good to know that such a big company does it all the right way.


Miller Genuine Draft

A separate website of Miller brand made for a separate product type. A pretty nice design and color scheme, plus a great Flash carousel-type product navigation. Not to mention another filling-bottle Flash pre-loader – we are fans of these. However the Heineken micro sites are still better

miller genuine draft


Now, the European breweries section. The one that has definitely got an interesting design is the Becks brewery. And, as usually in this industry it’s only about the design technique – it’s more about the concept and how well the website concept goes with the corporate message. In this case it’s all perfect, plus don’t forget about the social function – there’s a lot of user-generated elements that are actually parts of the website.


Amstel Light

This one is a pretty much bright design, company’s colors, old photos bringing in the respect towards the company’s traditions – everything’s classic for a corporate design. And of course there’s a main feature that’s essential for every kind of brewery website – yes, it’s the ice-cold beer bottle.


Beer Bar website design

There’s no chance that this one could have been left without our attention in this post – it’s a very stylish brewery design, and the best thing about it is that is has its own style. The design is very bright in its layout including the BW vector-style images and the brilliant main navigation menu.

beer bar website design


You have probably noticed that most of the brewery websites try to invent something, something to differ from competitors. Usually that’s Flash-powered features. But Leffe has gone far further than just a simple animated interactive things. They’ve done an interactive Flash video – with a professional actor and stuff. That’s the feature of their beer guide – there’s this guy guiding you through the Leffe’s products range and asking you questions. Anyways, it look really impressive – not to mention the dungeon-style European environment.


Stella Artois

Another wonderful one, also in a style of good old Europe – but this time much more romantic and sophisticated. The fonts, the colors, the whole website mood fascinates with the gloomy charm of Belgium and France of late 19th century. Plus as most other beer brand sites this one also offers a beer-related Flash game with socializing and sharing options. Way to go, Stella Artois, one of the most original and distinctive corporate website that we’ve ever seen.

stella artois


This one is a very conceptual design – first of all due to how the images are arranged and to the effects applied to these images. The text content is only a part of the images and photos. However the result of this image-based design approach looks really good, moreover it looks good as a brewery website design. I guess this kind of image-based content placement will get more and more popular over time – which is a good thing, good design is above all.


Brewery website design

This one is a typical brewery design with slight motifs of Web 2.0 layout – large text fields, shiny and “tasty” images. And of course an essential feature for any brewery website design – the ice-cold beer glass. Plus I love these nice little bubbles inside the glass – looks great.

brewery website design

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these brewery corporate websites as well as our own brewery website templates review and the St. Patrick’s Day mood is all around you now. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the beer even more after you’ve seen these designs – in case you’re at least 18 years old. In case you’re under 18 – than just enjoy the beautiful designs.



  1. To design a functional website you have to catch a users attention within 3 seconds and allow them to find the information they require within 7. Its tough to catch a users attention with an eye pleasing website while having the content needed to be successful. Thank you for this Blog it helps alot.


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