Lira “Heating up the SA music Charts”


 Artists/DJ: Lira
Album Title: Soul In Mind
Genre: Afro Jazz
Date of release: 24 November 2008

Lira’s sophomore album ‘Soul in Mind’ is a heart-soothing package for any music enthusiast to have in their collection. With 13 tracks that are filled with passion, longevity, and optimism, the album further catapults the songstress’s industry ranking.

The album fires up with the highly rated Wa mpaleha which funnels some charming musical elements into the project. On sweet minor piano progressions, Lira comfortably swings with the beat, while bassist Tshepo Sekele fires up the lows, leaving room for drummer Joshua Zacheus to maintain a simple-but-fascinating rhythm behind mind-blowing trumpets.

Lira has once again sustained things that guaranteed her success on her first album; sharp lyrics, a sweet voice and a unique musical texture. The second track, Rise again is full of hope and talks about ‘rising’ in the midst of life challenges. It’s a true heart-melting piece. On this one, you will be hypnotized by the smooth acoustic guitar, and an Asian-like lead guitar that delivers a different feel from the afro jazz she brought on her debut ‘Feel Good’ two years ago.

The title track Soul in Mind tightens all the screws of the delivery. There isn’t much instrumental activity within the first minute of the track and Lira proudly takes the opportunity to showcase her amazing vocal ability. Soul in Mind gradually picks up a moderate tempo towards the second minute, introducing more instruments and hammering her theme of hope home.

This is an album with so many things to boast about, a foundation on which to build on and an intimidating pacesetter to contenders.


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