Merry Chrismas Gringe

Tis’ the season to be jolly but I just can’t help but hate Xmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with the family ,drinking egg nog,brandy and stuffing my face with calories. Dont’ forget all those unwanted visitors or that aunt/uncle who ends up drinking too much and ends up  splurging out the family secrets. 

The family comes over, you exchange gifts, you leave some people out or they forgot about you, it is all too dramatic for me and it seems to be getting worse the older I get.

There seems to be this lack of interest until the day before  Christmas, yes the 24th December and bang! a sudden rush.

Last christmas I received a last-minute gift from my girlfriend which was extremely disappointing , I even had to tell it to her face. I know what you guys are thinking ,Oh! come on guys, it was a knock off “Seiko” for crying out loud.

I admit that it was a lot better than the set of vibrators I bought her the day before. I just though “Well, If  I’m going to buy her a gift it better be one she can use and enjoy”, I was wrong.

She was terribly disappointed  and unlike me, she pretended that she was “fine” with the gift. Did she use them?  Cough! well that’s a different article.

Back to why I hate christmas, I was raised in a very spiritual home and christmas was a holy day for me. I was tought by my sunday school teachers that “Xmas” was not the actual birthday of Jesus but merely a day commemorating his birth.

Christmas has received a great deal of controversy and criticism due to its association to drinking rituals, immoral behavior, 

excessive advertising  and it being a festival with no biblical justification.

It appears that most of us have lost the plot and have been munipulated by the media, we no longer find the love for Christmas because we have lost the meaning.

Thank you for reading  and MERRY XMAS!!!!!

George Wyngaardt


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