The World Cup is Sizzling Hot

I know the post has been posted after the World Cup, oops it was stuck in my drafts.

Most of our readers might want to know where we have been over the last couple of months, well the truth is we have been enjoying the World Cup hype. Our Club Corona guys were tied up doing promotions and making sure that you were able to access the worlds number 1 beer for the worlds number event, the FIFA Football World Cup, hosted by no other than South Africa.

The build up was phenomenal with the whole nation preparing themselves for the Big Day, “feel it is here”.This is the slogan for this massive event with thousands of Supports, Fans and holiday seekers flooding our streets we had lot of preparation to do.

We have seen a blast of off excitement after the breath taking display of patriotism we witness the day before the kick-off ,with thousands and thousands of supports all celebrating around the country.

Bafana kicked off the campaign with a 1-1 draw against Mexico not the worst of starts but a footing for them to show the world what Africa is made of.

Corona’s Beer are fully stocked at the following venues in Cape Town.


Cape to Cuba


Tommy’s  Sport Bar

Cafe Jinja

If you want to join us for a party



Cell: 082 589 9810


078 121 0684


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