Broke mans guide to a great Valentines Day


If you have been hit hard by spending in the festive season and you are still trying to recover then Valentine’s Day may be a nightmare.

It comes at an awkward time of the month, the middle, yes  salty crack month.

 Yes some people can afford it and if you are one of those reading and frowning upon this post then I suggest you Google “Dickhead”, perhaps you mind fine something of interest there.

 Errrhem!! Excuse me, while I am quite weary of the Valentine’s Day trap I am quite excited about getting to spend my day with my women, I mean woman.

I had a R200 gift card that was given to me by my boss, I intended to use this for minor groceries which I urgently need but couldn’t risk not putting a smile on my ladies face when Dooms Day eventually hit.

She claims to not be interested in it but we are so strongly influenced by the affects of aggressive marketing campaign and that one couple who just won’t shut up about what they are planning to do or have just done .I am not going to wait for pay day to do something special for the women who has stolen my heart.

I don’t want her to ever feel left out when the days comes, so I have to do something on a tight budget and I have to do it Quick.

Stick around and see how it turned out but for now check out my pointers.

By the way Valentine’s Day is being boycotted in Malaysia as the Muslims believe that is encourages premarital sex and immoral behavior.

If you live in South Africa Pick n Pay has a special on Roberson’s Winery natural sweet Rose.R35 for a 1.5ltr bottle, its pretty good stuff to last a long night.

Pick n Pay cakes sucks so I plan on getting some very good cake at La Rocca in Century City about R20 bucks a huge slice or caramel which I might just heat up a bit and serve it with sorbet ice-cream(my girl doesn’t like dairy),

If you have more than I do, you can also eat there; it’s pretty affordable check out their menu

Myself?, I plan on making Hake to go with the wine, fresh fish at Local Fisheries will cost you about R40.

All you need is lemon / lemon juice parsley and ground pepper. I am also making a creamy cheese sauce you can use any but I used Knorr 4 cheese and black pepper sauce. Don’t forget your garlic, throw in some veggies and garnish.

 See recipe at the bottom…

I also got 2xSimba extreme Cheese chips (12 bucks) which I will serve in a bowl of cause; she loves those chips with some dip which I should have at home.

I went big on the chocolate, Lindt Dark caramel 30 bucks, I even saw chocolates going for R100 in Pick n Pay, so I bought the same good chocolate in a smaller portion, smart ha?

The other thing included Cheese, crackers, biscuits, sweets etc cost me a total of R40.

Tomorrow I will borrow some DVD’s, buy some rose petals, sort out the Playlist and some candles 🙂

If the budget allows  Zula Sound bar for comedy night R20 each Sweeet!!!

I honestly was thinking about stealing my neighbors rose’s, it’s immoral and yea I would confess to her if I had stole it . I assume that she would understand it’s  like me to do things like that but it’s probably stripped by other guys who think alike.hahahah

So guys enjoy your Valentine’s Day and wish me Luck

Lemon and Parsley Fried Hake 

2 tbsp seasoned plain flour

2 tbsp lemon zest, finely grated

1/2 x 20 g pack fresh flat leaf parsley, chopped

330 g South African hake

2 tbsp olive oil


  1. Mix together the seasoned flour, lemon zest and parsley. 2. Pat onto the fish on both sides well, shaking off any excess. 3. Heat the oil in a large frying pan over a moderate heat. 

    4. Cook the fish for 11 – 12 minutes turning occasionally. 

    5. Drain on kitchen paper before serving with lemon wedges and seasonal vegetables.


The Cheese sauce is pretty straight forward.


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