Where to find corona beer in Cape Town

Corona Beer is hard to find is Cape Town, then again I am the lazy type.Many people have gone about asking me why the blog is named Clubcorona and what it has to do with beer,well this is how it started.

I met a bunch of Corona representatives who introduced me to the Mexican beer,I instantly loved it and the name was  catchy as well,”Corona Beer”

If you haven’t drank corona then you will interested to know that the beer is unlike any other beer in South Africa, in fact Corona is a world leading beer that took a while to catch on in South Africa.It’s fresh,crisp and chilled , you can enjoy the while watching sports games on Saturday without that Monday morning babalass associated with some local beers.

Back to my story about why the blog is named after my favorite beer,I visited a couple other beer websites to do some research and found out that very few  could compete against corona.

A few months a found myself getting involved in brand-awareness campaigns and we took corona beer to the streets of Cape Town.It was a instant hit with the young, trendy  crowd at Mzoli’s in Cape Town, Gugulethu.

Since then is tradition for me to grab a six pack and relax with a ice cold Corona Beer while waiting on that Mzansi Vleis.

We had loads of fun and the this blog was born to showcase the corona lifestyle You can check our the pics here

Corona Beer is predominately found in large liquor stores suck as TOPS, Midmar,Bottle Top Liquors and Makro Liquors.



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