FameboyHydro New Money Records Signing Interview

I amFameboyHydro "New Money Records" Kenny Kunene anxiously awaiting the response of

New Money Records signing Fameboy Hydro or some as just Hydro.

We recently went back and forth regarding an online interview for our blog, to be honest I knew very little of the South African rapper at first.After some research I managed to find some music and videos featured on YouTube as well as some other music websites.

It was only fair that I sampled other South African rappers before criticizing his work and to by surprise it is a lot better than what I have heard.Yes, he might not be a Pro-verb or a Whosane but this guy can spit.New Money Records is owned my by Kenny Kunene himself as is bound to be big and has a lot of potential financial backing for artist to be free when it comes to creativity.

Fameboy Hydro has a flawless flow with witty punchlines that one would associate with Loyd Banks.

Our Interview will take place on Wednesday the 7th of September 2011

In fact decide for yourself,check it out.

http://www .reverbnation. com/hydrojoburg

It’s March 2012 and the 2nd season of KK So What has been released on ETV last night, surprisingly  the Nu Money signing named Hydro has been featured in the starting episode.The young South African rapper is due to make further appearances on the reality TV show, this has done wonders for his popularity. People are now asking who s the boy Fame-boy Hydro? If you looking to get signed to new money records, think again, they are very close-knit and are not signing anyone else right now, Hydro has not even released an album yet.You better of doing it on your own.



  1. What’s up New Money Ent. I go by the name of mac but well known as my rapping name RaphyTwist (Titter) @RaphyTwist (FaceBook) Raphy Twist … I’m a un-signed 16 year old a lil bit known and really need a Recording Deal to sign me or promo + I’m good also worked on a project called the Beginning —-» so I got proof that I’m a dope rapper from E.L ______ http://t.co/sE4reUv contact me here TitanRecords@ovi.com


  2. THE BIGGEST IISH IN SA RYT NW,nu money records,I wud rly lv to b signed by da label bt at da moment m busy cookin up ma storm boss bt when m ready I will b knockin on dat label’s doors,I cnt say m tyt bt ppl say iam, I blv m stil growin n I would lv sum mentor 4rm da label offc0s.the thing is m stil struggle wit sum cash n ma family iz nt wrkin n m da bread winner in ma home stayin in da shacks bt dat shud nt b ma excuse,I wil mak sure dat ma dreams cum true c0z everyone has 1.big up to hydro 4 makin it big in diz hard days of livin.keep up da gud wrk, god is hugh.god bless.


  3. Hydro has rily taken this rap game to another level. The guy is throwing lines like Ali at my cerebral. U blew me away just from So What. Thanx to Kunene u hav opend a dimension of rap we only got from the US


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