Swaziland United Nation subdomain hacked

Breaking News: Swaziland’s United Nations sub-domain has been hacked by a group of skilled hackers know as the Cocaine Team. The team of hackers are well know for replacing websites with strange maps ,weird messages and the Pink Panther theme song.

This could possibly be encryption or clues of some sort, the hackers must be really good in order to hack Swaziland UN sub domains e.g www.swaziland. unitednations . org ( the part is red is the sub domain)

The screenshot above still appears for some as of the time of this story but in most places it has been replaced by a text message

“har kos kholi vase ma hacker shode lol :) )”

Swaziland-UN-subdomain Hacked









The Cocaine Team have been very active recently taking down random websites however the pattern seems to show some small indication of activism, nobody knows what the objectives are .

This could be one of the biggest hacks in history thus far as they were able to take down a websites protected by the United Nations and still be kind enough to leave an email address coded as  coc.warriors [at] Gmail. com.

They even left their names and a map to their home time in Cyprus e.g Persian Boy from the Caspian Sea 🙂

I personally know how it feels to be hacked and it must suck for the UN but even more for Swaziland for being chosen by the Cocaine Team.


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