WikiLeaks Reveals day Thabo Mbeki cried

WikiLeaks: Reveals day Thabo Mbeki cried

A top secret document released on Wikileaks website reveals how former president Thabo Mbeki was in tears just before declaring his resignation, reported by The Times on Monday.

WikiLeaks: Reveals day Thabo Mbeki cried


A secret document dating from September 5, 2008, detailed a meeting between several members of the president’s policy unit including deputy director-general of policy co-ordination to the presidency Vusi Gumede, analysts Thabileng Mothabi and Queeneth Mlaba and US officials.

In the document Mbeki is described by Gumede as having “Tears Streaming” after thanking his cabinet, staff and deputy ministers. We all know the former president is softy and  so these claims could have some validity.Mothabi paid tribute to Mbeki for his admirable intellect but didn’t hold the same feelings towards  Mbeki’s successors.

According to the document, Mothabi,  had referred to our current Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe as “dumb” and wait for it, President Jacob Zuma as an “idiot”.

These were allegedly the words that had been spoken “Zuma is an idiot … I mean really, really dumb on how policy is implemented”.

Mothabi was also quoted as saying that then Deputy President Jacob Zuma would grin when asked a question, then lean towards ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe to retrieve the answer of the question.

Our former health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang was described by Mothabi as “actually very smart”, but tempestuous. “If the ‘tea woman’ serves someone who ranks below her first, Manto will stop everyone and yell at the ‘tea woman’,” he said.

Manto, Tshabalala-Misimang ,Jacob Zuma and Kgalema Motlanthe have since had a lot of controversy surrounding them but Gumede and Mothabi have left the presidency. Mmmhhhh???

The presidency did not comment on these allegations and dismissed them as “rumours and gossip”Is this a ploy to paint our current  President Jacob Zuma as an idiot or do we all the know the truth here ?


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