Zuma Zuma

the zuma

the zuma also known as zuma zuma is a online game that can be downloaded free online it has no relation to zuma Jacobs, khulubuse zuma or Jacob Zuma.

Zuma Zuma or online zuma is available online the PopCap
website ,there is a free version and zuma deluxe download. The story line entails the survival of a frog like creature within ancient temples of Zuma.It’s a very popular puzzle game developed by PopCap, it’s basically a packed puzzle challenge!

The zuma zuma game is based in a bottomless jungle in Adventure mode where there are countless hidden temples full of  traps and trickery, that you need to avoid
much like the South African Jacob Zuma’s lifestyle. It’s up to player to discover the zuma zuma jungle treasures. Fire magical balls from the tip of your tongue and has 3D accelerated graphics and effects just like a zuma speech 🙂

The games has loads of fun special bonuses and levels to achieve, it’s becoming very popular due to our president resembling the creature by name and appearance.

You can simple search for the game by typing in the following, download zuma free,zuma deluxe free,zuma free download,download free download into Google search.There is a free zuma option you can click on or you can pay R185.00 to buy the game.

Get the zuma game free by clicking on the image above, revenge of  zuma is also available on thezuma zuma website. The game is really funny, enjoy it.

Download zuma zuma:http://www.popcap.com/games/zuma/pc

zuma zuma


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