South African Alcohol Ads Banned

South African  alcohol advertising might face a possible band in order to control the country’s intensely increasing crime and violence sparked by excessive drinking.

South Africa has the world’s highest crime rates, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said ”just to learn to deal with wounds of injury and violence because we are regarded as a laboratory for that”

He continued, ”The driving factor behind this is alcohol, the harmful effects of alcohol. We’re not going to pull back about the issue of alcohol control, including the banning on advertising of alcohol. It’s just a matter of time – it’s not an issue of whether, it’s an issue of when.”
Whether or not this is the solution to decreasing crimes triggered by people with a lekker babalas is debatable.

South Africans love their local beers which bt the way sponsor most of the sports teams and events in South Africa. e.g cricket, rugby and soccer.
In the past we have seen many pooza TV ads bring together our nation during major sports events, the World Cup for that matter, communicating a positive message to South Africans.

Now we have to watch our favorite Vuyo’s wors ad being replaced by ale beer ? Why don’t they ban that cheap alcohol that they sell to homeless people for starters?

Beers, friends and a braai keeps me out of trouble on Saturdays , ever been to mzoli ? I think the government should stop blaming the booze and beer for their inability to control crime. I agree that alcohol abuse is huge issue in South Africa but they need to work on educating people and providing the right support in terms of programs, counseling etc
I love my local beer, even Mexican beer like Corona (cross sell) and sometimes get a little pissed but I have never stabbed anyone with a beer belly for his last six pack, who is doing the beer brewing anyway. If I am not mistaken  the government also brew beer, SAB?

You gonna sensor my blog as well?  beer,Beer and more beer  🙂



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