Interview with fameboy-hydro-hip-hop

This week has been full of controversy with the media circulating around the Kenny Kunene and Loyiso Gola incident as
well as the mining license issue involved with Gayton McKenzie and once again Mr Kunene.The two tycoons  the owners of the label to which this young talented artist is signed,New Money Records.

He goes by the name Hydro or Flameboy Hydro which is also his Twitter name #Flameboyhydro
he uses as his twitter name.The Benoni bred rapper was not deterred by all the commotion around his bosses, instead it was business as usual and he continued working on his much anticipated Mix Tape.

Like his mentors Hydro has also been hetting alot of heet from rappers who for some reason seem intimidated by his flow, calling it to American and irrelevant.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself ?

A. Fameboy Hydro from Wattville in Benoni at the Eastrand! Got locked up in 2008 in Boksburg Prison nd I joined the 26 gang, so some tattoos on my body tell the rank I was in when I was in da gang, back in the day my name was Snymaan meaning WEED SELLER so soon as I started rappin I changed it nd became HYDRO which means a specific type of cannabis(weed)

Q. What made you get into the RAP industry ?

A. I always could rap it was a gift dat I was running away from all my life cuz I grew up a pantsula doing Kwaito music, so I made a conscious decision to change and follow what my heart wants me to do, so I started recording non stop nd collaborating with other artists known and unknown and even though it was hard to make it I ended up building a name and the rest was history.

Q. Who do you think is the best Rapper lyrically in South Africa right now ?

Some rapper called FAMEBOY HYDRO, I think he’s proved himself that his da best lyrically lol

Q. Considering that both your Label bosses did some time , have you ever been locked up ?

A .Yes I have, one of my bosses called Gayton McKenzie has came to the old high school I was in to have a word with us because we were rebellious and little did I know a few years later I’d be locked up, so after serving my time 3years later mr Gayton McKenzie found me and signed me.

Q. Being a new Label and artist , have you experienced any beef or hating from other artist/labels ?

A. Mos def, esp from blood(family). Me being in a new label has made me lose A LOT of ppl I thot were friends and family but hey its fine, life goes on. Ppl would say to me ‘hydro u lost friends cuz u changed’ but its funny I’ve realised that they changed 4 me cuz I’ve become something.

Q. How tough was it these last few years?

A. It was very tough, no clothes, no money, no food, NOTHING! But I’m a Street nigga so I turned my hunger into positive energy and now I’m where I am and I’m still the same nigga I was b4 the Fame.

Q. We obviously know that there is a lot of controversy surrounding your label owners, primarily Kenny Kunene , are there any perks to being signed by multimillionaires and how has this effected your life/lifestyle?

A. Well there will always be talks and arguments about my bosses Mr Kunene nd Mr McKenzie on how they’ve made their wealth but they ignore them, but on the other hand there are PLENTY perks trust me, I could write a long list if I could *laughs*

Q. Which Rappers inspire you , I know you mention Lloyd Banks on twitter alot.

A. Mos def, Banks is da reason y my writing ability has grown and never to forget I practice every day for like 3hours perfecting my skills

Q. Are you seeing anyone right now?

A. Yes 😉

Q. Where can people get your music

A. You can get it on, Youtube, Facebook, I drop free download links on Twitter and Facebook every week on Monday(Dro
 Mondays) @FameboyHydro

Q. What do you have cooking up in the studio ?

A. Currently gna finish up THE TASTE OF REVENGE MIXTAPE VOL.1 and ima start working on the
album called EMPTY FRIDGE, its gna be epic

Q. Tell us about your tattoos

A. LOL….two tear drops under my left eye symbolizing my prison activities and the loss of my brother due to gun
 violence. LOYALTY on my neck cuz I believe in loyalty more than anything, and I cnt explain other tattoos(secrecy of the gang)

Q. Do you have a message for people out there?

A. Jesus FIRST more than anything, and the rest will follow. Never EVER give up keep following ur dream and never quit
 hustling legally or illegally if ur the bread winner! [ITS THE WATTVILLE BABY]

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fameboy hydro

Fameboy hydro

Fameboy Hydro

fame boy hydro



  1. […] 19th March 2012 ,Kenny Kunene seems to have proved me wrong after watching his second season of the reality TV show “So What” where Hydro is featured in the first episode.It seems as if Kunene looks to the young rapper as an understudy,Hydro is seen being schooled on African culture and the secrets on becoming successful.His hit single “Do That Thing” is the theme track of the TV show….More on Hydro […]


  2. Yo Hydro I say big up on the hustle!I’d like to do a traq with u.History in that moment for the future it would be.


  3. This is CarloThomas Masikela Bowers saying bring yourself to Rand.Tutorial.Collage…You wont regret it…0720491917


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