Blackberry BBM might be Tapped by Government

The South African Government along with the UK put out a
call to access BlackBerry Messaging service also known as BBM in order to solve
crimes committed by techno savvy criminals. According to experts ,criminals are
now using BBM to plan and execute criminal activity, due to its seamless
instant messaging.

“There is evidence that criminals are now using BBM to plan and execute crime,” said the Deputy of Communication Minister, Obed Bapela,yesterday at a conference on
telecommunications hosted in London:

“We want to review BBM like in the UK and Saudi Arabia.”

The Government want access to intercept and decrypt blackberry (BBM) to catch criminals using a blackberry to commit crime and not to spy on civilians, according to the RICA Act they are already allowed to do this.

I have never paid attention to what RICA stood for until now, the Regulation of Interception of Communication.

While millions of south African rushed to register their SIM cards for RICA  in order to avoid
being disconnected by their network providers, the government had other plans. Sim
cards can now be tracked and traced,  no matter which blackberry  you using ;blackberry curve blackberry torch, you name it.

What is blackberry?

Blackberry is developed by Canadian company (RIM) Research in Motion and is the fast growing brand in the world, it’s no surprise that 37% of the UK youth used BBM and also played a major part in the organizing of the London Riots. It’s not easy to decrypt blackberry messages without the help of RIM, whether or not they will corporate is yet to be determined.

Many Blackberry users find these statements absurd and regard these possible action as a violation of human rights.

I for one would not like the Police to go through my ranchy conversations with my EX for a parking ticket I didn’t pay last year.

Do you think this is justified ?


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