Is Darren Scott a Racist

Is Darren Scott Racist

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The Cape Town Jacaranda 94.2 DJ who is also a Supersport presenter recently released an official statement surrounding news that he has used racist slurs towards a colleague. He now joins Julius Malema in the racism media spotlight,Malema was found guilty hate speech on Monday.

In his statement he refers to the report published by “Beeld” as misleading and sensationalist ,he also claims that the story was swiftly pressed into publication without him having an opportunity to clarify his side of the story .

The scandal involved a colleague that had owned him R3000 rand, which was the reason behind the altercation. The colleague was allegedly had no intension of repaying Darren Scott after later managing to buy a car and a house.
The relationship turned sour and Scott kept his distance until they had a work function at Mabula Lounge.

The collogue approached the bar where Mr Scott had been having drinks but was told to leave in a “strong language” but however the collogue returned after leaving the first time.
Darren Scott once again reinforced his discomfort and in the process used racial speech, the matter was taken up my HR the next week.
The complaint did not go further and after both parties apologized and the matter was nipped in the bud.

Scott has since left Jacaranda 94.2 and has indefinitely postponed his appearances on television, you can find a detailed version of the official statement on Darren Scotts media company with both English Afrikaans.

This is a far cry from what the Beeld had reported but does this change the allegation that Darren Scott is a racist ?


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