Julius Malema guilty of Hate Speech

So ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema was found guilty of hate speech after sing the highly controversial son, “shoot the boer” .
The song amounted to hate speech, the ruling was made by Judge Collin Lamont in the High Court in Johannesburg on Monday.
“The singing of the song by Malema constituted hate speech,” said Lamont.
The words undermined the dignity of people and were discriminatory and harmful.
“No justification exist allowing the words to be sung… the words were in any event not sung on a justifiable occasion.”

Lamont said it was not relevant whether the words were not exposed to some people of society.
“If it is exposed to a portion of society then it is relevant.”
Lamont also revealed that words such as “shoot the boer” could trigger genocide.
“The words of one person inciting others…that’s how a genocide can start,” he said

In the mean time, the ANC seem a bit distant to matter and failed to comment on Malemas absence during the court judgement. Malema was nowhere to be found and the ANC claim that they did not know why he had failed to be present for his own trial.

“We don’t know why he is not there so we are unable to say something about his absence in court,” ANC spokesman Keith Khoza said on Monday.

Malema whom also faces charges laid by the ANC’s disciplinary panel ,the charges include the of dividing the party and bringing it into disgrace/disrepute was set to appear today but the ANC panel postponed it on Sunday due to his “Hate Speech” judgement.

Julius Malema faces suspension or exclusion from the ANC ruling party if found guilty on these disciplinary charges.
Malema’s die hard supporters were reduced to a fraction with only a few showing their support outside the court.

Another person facing person also in the media spotlight for racist comments is Jacarandea 94.2 DJ, Darren Scott who released a official public statement stating that he had used racial remarks towards a colleague. read more


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