Pangaea is a Cape Town based music group which consist of a collective of talented Stars, Whosane hailing all the way from Brooklyn NYC, Jimmy Flex and Nonku Phiri who are both Cape Town based.

The band/groups name is derived from the Pangaea theory, which basically implies that the present continents were once one, collectively known as a ‘supercontinent’ called a Pangaea. In Greek the word ‘Pangaea’ means all lands and the combined elements of these artist talents communicates just that in a goal to unify what was once split.

Combine Jimmy flexx’s smooth jazz like flow with Whosane’s critically acclaimed flawless wordplay and sprinkle a little of Nonku’s afro centric soulfulness, you have a recipe for success.

The Group are working on the release of the new album titled Black Diamond after a long wait for the return of their ever touring member “Whosane” who has been collaborating with various international artist such as Mos Def. (We will be doing an interview with the elusive rapper in a few hours from now)

These artist have a set a standard for finding a musical formula that is diverse but yet harmonies. Pangaea have performed at many local and international musical events and the result has been phenomenal.



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