Gareth Cliff Joins the Celebs of Shame

Gareth cliff 5fm DJ accused of being sexist

It’s all about racial slur and sexism this week, first we had Malema who was found guilty of hate speech on Monday, then Supersport presenter
and Jacaranda 94.2 FM DJ Darren Scott released a official statement admitting that he used racial slurs towards a colleague.

Now Gareth Cliff is also in the hot seat after an interview with AIDS activist, Angela Larkin who began working against Aids since the age of
22. Gareth Cliff allegedly congratulated he on this and stated that usually women at that age  lie on their
back with their legs opens.

Cliff was later reported to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA) by Tex Collins a DA councilor in Durban. Collins demands that BCCSA take further action against Gareth Cliff as he is sending the wrong
message across.

Collins stated, “He sends out the message that every young girl is nothing but a prostitute and a whore”.

Gareth Cliff’s manager Rina Broomberg who was also apparently not aware that a complaint was laid; came swiftly to his defense,
insisting that Cliff would never have said “something like that” and that she would have scolded at him.

Gareth Cliff is a 5FM DJ ,owns Gareth Cliff Deals and also makes occasional appearances as a judge on South African Idols TV Show.


Gareth Cliff has shot back at Tex Collins regarding the comments the DJ made ong the 5fm radio station. cliff responded on his blog .“I accept that some sensitive people may have felt the comment offensive, but  who (unless they were described by it) would consider themselves so described if there were no truth to the insult?”

The issue is still under investigation.



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