Kunene gives Jeremy Maggs a lessoning on branding

Kenny Kunene sits down and talks Branding with Jeremy Maggs. The
interview is about 15 minutes long and touches on the importance of living the
brand. Kunene’s brands are easily associated with him and vice versa.

The Sushi King claims that last year’s sushi birthday party, which
left a bad taste in the mouths of the media actually had a positive effect on
his brands image. Kunene aims to follow American styled Gorilla branding
tactics and claims South African marketing is a few steps behind.

We are definitely in for a bumpy yet thrilling ride as Mr. Kunene
has already reeled in a lot of excitement with his new reality TV series titled
“So What”. You somewhat have the sense that Kenny Kunene can do just about
anything, he has the money, drive and the guts to take risk with his brands.

Kenny Kunene also launched a recording label “New Money
Records” and has signed talented artists such as Fameboy Hydro aka “Hydro”.
In many statement the South African tycoon has indicated that he has the
intension of change the perception of the South African public and will show
them what it really means to be a South African celebrity.




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