What is bee in South Africa?

A lot of South Africans do not understand the full nature of bee or BEE.Our team has done some research and drew up the most asked questions about Black Economic Empowerment.Wit in the next 2 weeks we will touch on various factors behind BEE and why it’s implemented.

We will also ask BEE experts for their advice to aid in the understanding  of BEE business requirements ,things like BEE certification and BEE ratings.Many comanpinies in South Africa still do not meet BEE standard, while some say it is reverse racism most would argue that there are a smaller number of non-whites in senior of managerial positions in South Africa.

What is BEE or Black Economic Empowerment ?

Where Do you get a BEE certificate?

Why do business need BEE certificates ?

What is a BEE Scorecard ?

What is BEE rating?

Where can I find BEE verification agencies?

Does BEE only apply to South African ?

Where do I get a BEE rating certificate ?


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