Has our President Nelson Mandela Died ?

nelson-mandela is alive not dead rumours on twitter a hoaxThere have been rumours that former South Africa President Nelson Mandela has died. According to LongIslandPress.com it involved rumours that had been trending on Twitter lately.

A SABC report has dispelled these remarks as rumours and have confirmed that Mandela lives on.

Money people are concerned about the health of our nations father, Madiba. The rumors have outraged many South African’s stating that the former president Nelson Mandela deserves more respect.

“These rumours on Twitter need to end , Mandela is not the first person whom has died this year according to Twitter rumours” said a
member of the public Mandela,now 93 years old was hospitalized this year and has been struggling with his health causing him to miss out on various events that he endorses. The Nobel Peace Prize Winner is alive say several media spokesmen and the
notion that he is dead is just a hoax.

Twitter Nelson Mandela dead Rumour


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