Top 5 Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos


Worlds dumbiest tattoo Stupid Gucci-Mane-Ice-Cream-Tattoo

WINNER!!! Dumbest Tattoo 

Rapper Gucci Mane had an ice cream cone tattooed to his face. MoFo! A damn Ice-cream Cone,what happened to tear drops or machine guns. You would think that if you are going to have a too done on your face you would make it at least fashionable, especially if you are a gangster turned rapper. One of the dumbest tattoos I have ever seen,Sigh! What can you expect from a guy who names himself after a fashion label and has severe dyslexia. That money would have been well spent on lotion, I don’t know how he always manages to look so ashy and crusty all the time.

birdman-baby-has the dumbest tattoo of five starsbirdman-5-star general tattoo the dumbest tattoo ever Corona South Africa

2. Birdman Aka “Baby” “5 Star General”

Do I even need to comment? His head looks like a freaking FIFA Champions League soccer ball.He looks like Megamind with tattoos on his head,he is in strong competition for the dumbest tattoo ever.

Nick Cannon mariah tattoo dumbest Tattoo

3. Nick Cannon

Wipped, lol ” Your lips taste like honey” I can’t stop laughing at Nick Cannons male tramp stamp.Picture him singing all those Mariah hits in the shower,its a good thing that they got married because if things with the Diva didn’t work out, he would have been the joke of the Hip Hop world.Eminem already took some jabs at him on his Relapse Album in “Bagpipes from Bagdad”

celebrity Dumbest Tattoos Jay D and Janet Jackson

4. Jay D

Take note Cannon, if you are going to have a tattoo of your woman make sure it goes unseen,like somewhere under the armpit it good.It also helps if it looks more like her brother, you can always swing the story if things don’t work out.See how it worked out for Jay D? He turned a pop icon into a house wife.

Stevo's crazy self portrait Tattoo

5. Stevo “Jackass”

If not for the fact that this tattoo was done brilliantly, this tattoo would have been the world’s craziest and dumbest.Why the hell would you tattoo yourself on your back , and the head is freakin life sized.Stevo manages to pull it off though, this is the most brilliant dumbest tattoo I have ever seen.Just like their stunts on Jackass, it’s remains a stupid idea until you pull it off . “….Stevo …no..I didn’t mean pull your Tat….off… sh@t” Not really the dumbest tattoo but dumb enough to make the list.


One Comment

  1. hahaha very funny… but its not only celebs that have daft tattoes.. my brother has a few flops too.. he is a bit of a devil worshipper and has the scariest things on him … i think your first one is the stupidest of them all.. on your face? it reminds me of kids and face painting…

    makes me wonder what state of mind was he in when he got it done… must have been more than being drunk..


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