ETV Premieres Reality TV shows “So what” and Rolling with Zola”

So What premiers on ETV on Saturday 7h30pm

The moment has come, ETV will premiering  the release of Kenny Kunene’s controversial forthcoming reality TV show titled “So What” which recently got a big “F@ck you” from SA comedian Loyiso Gola.

“So What’ is Kunenes catch phrase used to dispel rumors and allegations,Kunene even went as far as registering it on his car license plate, the show starts on Saturday the 24 September 2011 at 19:30

This story is about the rise of South African business tycoon Kenny Kunene and his lavish lifestyle.”Mr Sushi” as Kenny Kunene is known to the public ,is set to be South Africa’s biggest reality TV Star and multimillionaire businessmen.The Reality TV show will take us  behind the scenes and give viewers a glimpse of the everyday lifestyle of a convict turned business tycoon.

Kenny Kunene who has a extremely controversial life due to his flamboyance will give the public an accurate reflection of who he truly is,one that is not exaggerated by the media whom seem to exploit his lifestyle.The show will introduce viewers to Kunenes entourage including Gayton McKenzie and take us through a series of parties,boardrooms,fast cars and big dreams.

Zola is another South African celebrity that will also be releasing his very own Reality TV Show on ETV this weekend,Rolling With Zola with premiere on Sunday the 25th of September 2011.

Rolling with Zola on ETV  starts  Sundays 25th SeptemberWe managed to source these premieres from ETV’s YouTube channel,follows us on twitter @greatenergysa



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