Kenny Kunene thanks White People

kenny kunene and khanyi drinking Ace of spades-armand de brignac







Our very own Sushi King Kenny Kunene  recently publicized that he is grateful towards white people who played a huge part in his success after he left jail.

Kenny Kunene admits that he receive more support from white people than the black community in order to propel his career and lifestyle into what it is today.

Kunene continues saying that he was unemployed for 18 months after being released from jail, Kenny Kunene told The Sowetan that he was lucky enough to secure a job at private school for a measly salary of R3000 a month. This was all attributed to white people who gave him the tools he needed before he was able to start securing his own business deals and further his success.

“I was made by white people and no black person made me, including those who are now criticising me” Kunene said.

The South African business tycoon has accomplished  so much over the  years and is still going strong it seems.Kenny Kunene is the celebrity ambassador of the international champagne Armand de Brignac along with Jay Z, he frequently drinks this expensive champagne at his extravagant parties and is possibly responsible for the success of Armand de Brignac success in South Africa

He also owns New Money Records and has signed artist such as Fameboy Hydro and his Reality TV show “So What”  that got a lot of criticism from comedian Loyiso Gola will be launched on Saturday the  24 September 2011 on ETV at 7:30pm.

Kenny Kunene has been receiving a lot of criticism from various members of the black community as well as local black celebrities for his carefree attitude and for openly boasting about his wealth.

Kunene claims he receives very little support from his own people ,even after doing so much for them, could there be some truth to this?



The businessman admits that the black community did very little to help boost his career and life, while the white community gave him the tools required to become a success.

“When I came out of jail, I had no job for 18 months, and when I eventually got a job at a private school earning only R3 000 a month (before mysteriously clinching business deals) it was through white people,” Kunene told The Sowetan.

“I was made by white people and no black person made me, including those who are now criticising me.”

Kunene’s career is set for another shot in the arm on Saturday when his reality show, entitled ‘So What’, hits our television screens on at 7.30pm.

What do you make of Kunene’s latest revelation?




  1. easy come easy go making easy money that you never worked for has its consequences. you must be thankful that you have gov pilitical backup.i hope that debra patta responds to you for wanting a taste of her sushi.ha ha ha she can make you a rotted sushi in public.


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