So What KK-Kenny Kunene-ETV

Saturday saw the release of Kenny Kunene’s “So What” Reality TV show on ETV.The 1st episode giving  us a taste of the inside life of Kenny Kunene, Gayton Mckenzie and the rest of  ZAR enterprises members.The show depicts Kunene as a calm,collected and lovably business man with expensive taste.Gayton Mckenzie on the other had is seen as a much more vigorous a cut-through,no nonsense thug ,openly boasting about his affiliation with “26 gang” a local prison gang.

The two men see themselves as heroes who are now able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.”KK So What” is all about how the duo handle business and pleasure effectively. Kunene is heard inviting secret police as which he refers to as the now redundant “Scorpions ” to investigate if needed.Mr Kunene is confident that they will not find anything unlawful pertaining to how the two made their money and regards allegation constantly made about their lifestyles ad business as jealousy.

Saturdays episode displayed exactly how powerful these two men are,entertaining the president as his daughters wedding,the ZAR team were contracted to host the after  party.After being dropped by their alcohol supplier Kunene and team showed how serious they were about delivering a good time and raced to local liquors stores in their sports cars,spending a staggering R250 000 on booze for the party.

The show has already caused some stirs and outraged the public, I can’t wait  to tuned into next weeks epidode,the preview showed Kunene participating in group sex 🙂



  1. big up to you mr kenny keep do what you do best and your show is so entertaining never mind those who criticise we are your followers,and to your patner mr gayton keep it up.


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