Kenny Kunene loses mine CRG mining license terminated

CRG Kenny Kunene mining rights revoked

It’s Bad news once again for our local Sushi King Kenny Kunene when mineral Resources Minister, Susan Shabangu seized his mining operation in nearby Soweto.

This happened just a week after the launch of Kenny Kunene’s reality TV Show “So what” featured on E-TV.

CRG (Central Rand Gold) mine which is also co-owned by Kunene’s business partner Gayton McKenzie was in hot soup just a few months for not following the correct procedures to maintain his companies mining license. Kenny Kunene and his partner were asked to comply but supposedly ignored the complaints.

CRG has now been stripped of its mining rights after Minister Susan Shabangu had led an inquiry in order to revoke the CRG mining license if
they had failed to meet the requirements.

Bheki Khumalo, a spokesman for the Mineral Resources Department publically confirmed on Tuesday  that the mining rights held  by CRG were officially terminated by Minister Shabangu but the decision took place last week Friday, ironically a day before his the launch of “so What”

“They were only dealing a tenth of the promises they made to the minister. She found it not satisfactory and cancelled the mining license.”

The news was presented to the Central Rand Gold CEO, Johan du Toit by the regional manager of Gauteng; Susan Malibe, in the form of a signed letter indicating the termination of CRG’s mining rights.

The Mineral Resource Department believes that the mining company failed to deliver on promises, mainly on social-economic and environmental issues. These promises allowed them to secure the license in the first place, by not delivering CRG did not comply with mining regulations.

CRG failed to provide justification supporting why the mining license should not be
cancelled a few months ago. Readmore..

Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie who publically boast that they have done a lot for the community members have been criticized by the very
same people they believed to have helped hence the cancellation. The members of the community claimed to not have benefited anything
from the enduring mining and have not experienced any form of empowerment since the mine was opened in 2008.

These were the conditions  they had requested when initially showing their support for Kunene and his business partner in order  to have the mining license granted.

Kenny Kunene was recently insulted by South African comedian Loyiso Gola for his apparent carefree attitude and lack of consideration for the poor, Kunene who was allegedly recently seen pushing his hands down Khanyi Mbau breast at a party failed to comment.

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