City Wide Electricity Black Out in Cape Town

Cape Town Power cut-outages by ESKOM

Cape Town experienced a city wide electricity blackout today between 11am – 12:30pm.Many businessess were effected and left powerless as they sat back and watched the city being drained of its electricity. Power failures are very common in the mother city, surprisingly there was a sense of calm and expectation from the general public regarding the municipal blackouts.

The powershortage extended from the Woodstock,CBD and Milnerton  Area,to as far as Rocklands Mitchelles Plain.

Cape Town has been the victim of numerous power outages in the past ,this one fortunately did not have a major effect on the city.Everything returned to normal within 2 hours with the power being restore and everyone continueing with their work. A few membes of the public  were outraged after having lost access to ATM’s,internet access and power.

Eskom have yet to inform the public about the power cuts, will they comment or are they going to  leave  us in the dark ?


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