Kenny Kunenes Girlfriend Eda Rose YFM presenter

Eda Rose YFMHost denies being involved with Kenny Kunene
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Last week we saw a mysterious picture taken from Zoopy of Kenny Kunene shoving his hands inside Khanyi Mbau’s golden cups to feel her breast.This happened at the launch party of “So What” , a new Reality TV Show on ETV. Those who can remember the first episode would notice that he apparently has a “Girlfriend” on the show, a cute frizzy haired former London Metropolitan University student who goes by the name Eda Rose.

Rose is a YFM producer and co-host on the “Flava in Da Mornin” Breakfast Show and also has a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

On the show Kunene  frequently refers to her as “babe” as she struggles down a flight of stairs, rushing to make it on time for President Jacob Zuma’s daughter’s wedding.

According to IOL, Eda Rose appeared on Bonang Matheba’s YFM show and dismissed rumors of her being involved with the Sushi King, she claims that they were only good friends.

Gayton Mckenzie , Kenny Kunene’s business partner feels different. He has release some comments on Twitter stating that Eda Rose and Kenny kunene were indeed involved in a relationship. A succession of tweets demanding that the young aspiring musician owns up and tells the trust.

Tweets vary from claims that she had shared a bedroom with Kunene ,Mckenzie even threatens to release video footage from surveillance tapes.

“So What” is bound to cause a lot of controversy, the next episode we will see Kenny Kunene’s view and actions on polygamy , tune in on ETV at 19h30 every Saturday.

Does South Africa now has it’s very own Amber Rose? check out Gayton Mckenzie Tweets. Eda is too big to respond, listen to her single “Try Our Love”

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