South African Eyewitness News Reader Mark Esterhuysen Fired For the saying “F”word on air

Mark Esterhuysen a radio news reader for the The Eyewitness News Radio Station has been fired

Mark Esterhuysen a radio news reader for the The Eyewitness News Radio Station has been fired for using the F-word 13 times on air.According to the South African Press Association reports,Esterhuysen went ballistic while reading Eyewitness News bulletin repeatedly using profanity.

The Eyewitness News Reader by began greeting the audience and thenwhen on a rampage.”Good morning, I’m Mark Esterhuysen … f*** racism” he continues ” f*** the pigs that killed Andries Tatane”

Mark Esterhuysen clearly did not care about getting fired and vented his discontent regarding South African current affairs. He also urged
listeners to follow Twitter page and blog titled Push-Button Publishing.

Some of the highlights, “F*** the AWB” Mark is heard pausing for breath and continues again “We are all wild animals meant to live
free, f*** capitalism. f*** fascism” F*** …..this f*****g wage slavery graveyard s*** ” and a classic “Fuck Malema”

Moments after the outburst, his producer managed to calm him down by playing a Rod Stewart track.

Could anyone see this coming?

Mark Esterhuysen was junior news reader but christened himself an”Enemy of the State, Master debater and Defender of Anarchy”

This can be seen on his Twitter page along with comments you would expect from an activist.

Though his outburst on air led to him being sacked, a lot of people see the young news reader as a hero, this is by far the greatest resignation
letter ever.


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