Mitchells Plain cop in court after allegedly raping teenager

Micthells Plain teenager  Raped by police officer Woodlands

Cape Town: A 15 year old girl from Woodlands, Mitchells Plain has accused a Cape Town Policeman of raping her two times on the day she approached him to allege that her father had continuously raped her for 9 months.

Mitchells Plain has long been the bee hive for sexual predators and a capital for domestic violence.
The 31-year-old policeman appeared in the Mitchells Plain Magistrate Court to apply for bail and was seen undeterred, mucking around with colleagues before the hearing had begun.

The Officer who remains unnamed due to him not yet pleading is a highly respected member of the community and police force, an active member of the Sexual Offences, Child Abuse and Family Violence unit.

Police report that the teenager brought forward the alleged sexual abuse by her father on the 5th of September at the Mitchells Plain Police Station.
The teen told police that her 37 year old father had repeatedly raped her for nine months.
Her father was arrested and the case was being investigated by the officers who is now being accused for the same crime.

Monday the 19 September, the 15 year old victim laid claims that she had been raped by the detective investigating the rape case, said Captain FC Van Wyk a spokesman for the Mitchells Plain police.
According to statements, she was interviewed by the policeman in his  office on the day that she had confronted the police about her father’s alleged sexual abuse and this was when the policeman had supposedly raped her.

” He forced himself on her and raped her on three occasions.”

The police offer is pleading “not guilty” and is  facing  three rape charges.

The Micthells Plain police officer said that the case was brought to his attention by a local social worker prior him interviewing her at her school on the 5th of September  2011. The officer told that the court that he later took her to the police station to get an official statement about the rape allegations. The policeman proceeded to take her to a hospital for an examination accompanied by the young girls grandmother.

State prosecution proclaim that the police officer raped the adolescent without a condom.In the fear of the accused intimidating
the victim, the new investigating officer opposed bail.

The accused officer declared that he was not a dangerous man and that he family needed his support as well as bills having to be paid.
”I will not threaten the complainant” he told the court.

There has been 500 sex offenses report in Mitchells Plain this year dating up to March,this incident has outraged many residents of the Mitchell’s Plain community however police representatives testify that the accused officer was a respectable, trustworthy worker and that the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Unit was the best in the Western Cape.

A local Pastor, Alfonso Schilder, of Mount Hope Church, Woodlands Claims that many rapes offenses occur in the woodlands community but are not report to the influence of drug dealers and gangs who threaten victims.
Many of these rape cases are very common and quickly swept under the rug as they are not viewed as abnormal, it has become quite the norm.

The case has been moved to Bellville police station for further investigation.



  1. this d most disgusting part we have in our society………and dere should be sum strict regulation to stop dis bullshit to happen again…….shhhh…..


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