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There are many ways of getting a loan besides going into your bank.South African loan experts vary from banks such as  Capitec, Standard Bank, ABSA and many other independent loan institutes positioned all over South Africa. Personal Loans Online in 5 easy steps! Click Here

African Bank Visa Credit Card

African Bank Personal loans


It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a financial jam, we all go through it at some point of our lives.

Are you tight for cash?

Have you tried selling your goods at Cash Crusaders ?

Are you in behind or arrears with your payments?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions , you will be happy to know that there are solutions or rather alternatives even if you are blacklisted.

There is  little information regarding online loans in South Africa and most of the links are connected to loan sharks or criminals trying to capture your person details.

We will be helping you with information that will  improve your chances of your loans being accept online and also steer you into the right  direction.

Only if banks were as generous with their money as our local tycoons Kenny Kunene.

get an loan with low interest from African Bank


One Comment

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My personal situation doesn’t look good,however I do own a licensed business and I work full time for a successful jewelry manufacturing company.I would like to upgrade my business due to a bigger demand.

    I need +/- R10000.00 to buy some much needed equipment.

    I would also like to settle my existing debts to improve my credit rating and cash flow,hence the extra income.



    Waiting in-anticipation

    Kind regards
    Desmond Zaal


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