Khanyi Mbau uncensored nude bath photographs

I know we have leaked the censored version of khanyi mbau’s 2011 nude bath photographs on twitter but we thought that we would give you some ex-rated uncensored pictured of naked Queen of Bling.

If you haven’t checked out the khanyi mbau photos that were leaked last year,please feel free to go through the previous post.I refuse to state my personal opinion regarding these pictures that were leaked on the twitter and all over the internet.

Whether you like khanyi’s mbau’s boobs,ass or privates you are sure to agree that she is controversial and hot.
If Thenus is spreading all these khanyi mbau pictures,she might need a good lawyer …lol

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  1. WOW…she has a great body ! Didn’t know that much about her until I saw some of the statuses on my facebook – then I googled her and there were links everywhere about her…so I checked out the links…

    Yes, it’s very embarassing what happened to her and she should sue the person that uploaded her naked photos without her written or verbal consent and she should sue each individual internet portal for publishing her photos without her consent.


  2. Does this person has no shame.Kid surf this wedsite and see her naked.It is like taking a bath outside your house in full view of everybody even kids.Shame


  3. One of Mzansi’s most flawlessly sexy bodies I must say,,, would definitely not mind dipping my stick in her gwatt anytime but I do also support the notion of her suing the briefs off the bugger that had a close up and than leaked the exhibits and also the media houses and Net portals that exploited her right to privacy by publishing such content without her consent…… Not that I’m complaining or anything!


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