Whitney Houston’s cause of death exposed?

Whitney Houston was allegedly found dead in a bathtub at The Beverly Hilton Hotel just a few days before she was to appear at the Grammy Awards.It is unclear how the troubled songstress who suffered from a crack cocaine addiction for many years ended up dead in a hotel room. Police officials have not ruled out fowl play even though there had been so signs of a struggle or suspicious evidence.

US Coroner’s officials say they will not release any information regarding the autopsy performed Sunday.

Whitney Houston died at the age of 48 yesterday,she was a six time Grammy winner and said to attend have planned to attend the Grammy’s which was planning to commemorate Whitney for her contribution to the music industry.

Not detail’s are being released yet ,the investigation is as high profile as the one we had seen surrounding the Michael Jackson trial however many speculations have arisen including claims of an over-dose.

Whitney Houston leaves behind a great legacy and a daughter , Bobbi Kristina Brown, 18,who she had in her marriage with RnB Singer Bobby Brown.

We have had the pleasure of seeing her perform in South Africa where our former South African president Nelson Mandela was honoured during  her performances in Mzansi.

Many may have different take on her tragic  death but one thing is certain is that Whitney Houston will be dearly missed.

Whitney Houston stands next to Mandela


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