johannesburg zoo

Johannesburg Zoo which is possibly one of South Africa’s largest Zoo’s and is quick popular with the children in Jo’burg.

Apart from Joburg Zoo,I am sure you guys can remember the incident regarding the poaching of the black rhinos at the Kruger National Park last months, where poachers killed quite a number of black rhino which are endangered species.

JHB ZOO is in charge of keeping all the Johannesburg zoo animals safe and, the Jozi public are welcome to view these zoo animals which have been adopted by the zoo.

For the fear of the animal’s safety many private organisations sent a cry out asking the Johannesburg Zoo if they could help protect black rhinoceros. This week alone the Johannesburg has been faced with a huge decision, after a man was mauled by a lioness which had escaped its den. The gate was left open and the animal was left to escape attacking a 63-year-old zoo worker. The Lioness’s life is in the hands of a committee who will determine whether it lives or not by Friday even though most regard this situation as a Human Error.

Jo-burg Zoo is one of SA’s biggest tourist attractions with over 320 species of animals all housed in the Zoo.

Johannesburg Zoo is open throughout the year for booking , so make a plan to visit the zoo.

Joburg Zoo building


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