Lioness to be put down after killing a man – Johannesburg Zoo

Johannesburg Zoo Management is deciding whether or not to put down a Lioness that killed a man this week.
They will come to a decision on Friday; the 63-year-old man mauled was an employee of the zoo, which operates as a farm.

The death at the Rietkuil conservation farm in Parys, was simply believed to be of Human Error.
It is reported that Monday’s attack at farm allegedly occurred after gates at the lion’s den were left open, said a Zoo spokesperson.Ramonetha had worked for the zoo for nearly 40 years.

There is a public outcry to save the Lioness and petitions are being passed around to be signed and forwarded to the JHB ZOO against killing the Lion.Many people who are against putting the Lioness down have forwarded emails to or sent it directly to

I personally believe that the Lion was just being what it is; a predator and the putting down of this wonderful beast of Africa will in no way accomplish anything.I mean, what lesson will be learnt, do you think this is a warning to all other Lion’s out there?

Lioness attacks a man



  1. it is very unfair to the loin to put her down she only did what she know to do.after all she’s a wild cat not a lil house kiti.
    the man should of look at what he was doing and he should of knowed better after all he was working in a ZOO hello!!!!!
    it will be a shame to end the lions life!!!
    as a person that loves all animals i find this to be a very hard thing to belive,and it upsets me that now people look at lions like they are monsters but they just lions that are put in a zoo were they dont BELONG and when something goes wrong its always the animals fault never what the human did, its bullshit!!!


  2. Shame it is a life but animals are creatures of habit, and one must always be aware of this. You cannot put her down due to human error. Lions are preditors. Go to any wild life conservation and they will tell you always to be aware of the animals natural instincts. Then kill all the people who kill others, will that work..


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