Lioness put down-after killing a man

The Lion that killed a man in a free state based zoo was put down today after many had protested against having the lion put down.The Free State Zoo put their decision on hold last Friday but eventually decided to put the lioness down as it has already tasted human blood and flesh.

SABC news interviewed an animal behaviorist expert who claimed that the lioness only acted out of nature and that it is a natural predator.He has studied animal behavior for many years and even plays with these remarkable animals within their cages.

Putting the lioness down was perhaps the wrong decision however the Jo-burg Zoo claims that it only intended to protect its employees from any further tragic incidences.

Environmentalist that their was very little they could do to save the lion after is had killed a man,the animal attacked 63-year-old Joe Ramonetha and mauled him to death in the Zoo based in Free State.

Animal petitions were in circulation as well as Twitter,Facebook campaigns to save the lioness from being put down or killed.

We have experience the loss of two lives due to human error ,nope of the victims are to be blamed but both have paid a fatal price.


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