Nelson Mandela VS muhammad ali

Nelson Mandela was a boxer in his younger days,both men have cemented themselves in history as historical men,we cannot even compare them to each other but if there was probability where Mandela’s mind had a ratio to psychical strength then the match will be very intense.Madiba would equally match Muhammad Ali blow for blow.Mandela is a symbol of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, he fought against racism,oppression and was a major driving force in the formation of a new South African rainbow nation. Muhammad Ali formerly know as Cassius Clay stunned the world with his unorthodox fighting style, a combination of wit,speed and skill.He was also acknowledged for his role in the black conscious movement led by Malcolm X and the Black Panther Party.Today Ali battles against Parkinson’s Disease after receiving multiple blows to the head in his boxing career.Muhammad Ali was portrayed by Will Smith in the block buster hit “Ali” and Nelson Mandela by Morgan Freeman in “Invictus”,a film about the 1994 Rugby World Cup in which South Africa became World Champions.These men have great respect for each other and have even meet in South Africa.This is a small tribute the men that chose to rise against all odds.

Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela


Probability Mandela vs Ali


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