South African unsigned hip hop struggling

The South African Hip Hop industry has taken off quite rapidly yet there are many artist whom are still not getting acknowledgement or attention.Underground hip-hop has taken a nose-dive due to the  massive interested in main-stream Americanized music.South African rappers have adopted the swagger style strongly supported by artist such a Hydro,L-Tido, AKA and Jozi. Cape Town hip hop has remained traditional with groups such as ill-Skillz, Driemanskap and E.T.C being the flagship artist of a much appreciated Hip Hop circle.

We thought Kenny Kunene’s record label New Money Records would make a strong introduction last year but unfortunately the Sushi King chose to focus on his own Album release.It is starting to seem as if he is not serious about helping upcoming artist and talent.This was the resposne I got from one of the Nu Money artist when I tried to put a young rapper on.

Pioneer Unit Records own by “Damian D-Planet” has enjoyed lucrative success with major acts such as Ben-Sharper, Rattax, Manqoba, Konfab and Afrikaans MC rapper,Jaak. Unsigned rappers struggle to get the work on the market due to not having the financial backing or resources.

Nu money and Fameboy Hydro doesn't exist

What do struggling South African artist do if they can’t get any record deals for all these relatively small Record Label ? The answer is market yourself,many artist have made it on their own by cleverly using free resources to market themselves. Die Antwoord are a perfect example or this, Yolandi Visser,Ninja and DJ Hi-Tek have been to places no other South African rapper was able to.

Sign-up with sound cloud ,YouTube and start marketing yourself, it helps getting your own website (I can help you here)

Go to this website, follow them on twitter and Facebook, great things are coming 

Follow: Twitter@Crewlovesa



SA rappers marketing themselves



  1. My name is zuko from germiston anyway wev been recording our 1st album @frame24 productions in randburg now we looking forwad to release but we need to be signed,please help us archieve our goals and take south african music to another level,people are so keen to our music and i promise it:l go like sweets in the market…can you please organise an apointment with us atleast two min.of your time and let you listen to our few songs

    zuko @ 0788269245


  2. Hi my name is Katlego Sekele I’m 16 years old and I attend Lyttelton manor high in Centurion Pretoria I’m in grade 9 and I’m the only known female rapper in my school I’m the youngest of 3 children both of which are boys. I started rapping when I was 12 years old and became hooked on it now its been nearly. 4 years since the day I started rapping and I’m still hooked by life is not moving on I’m still in the position with the same thoughts that I had when I first started this and my thoghts are am I going to be able to finish school with a degree if I don’t something my funds for the future. The answer is no if I dnt do what I love and get an income while I’m doing it in 10 years ill be a long the lines of unemployed and homeless this is my tenth attemt to get any contact with New Money records in a period of a wEek and I still have no luck after doing so I hope that 1 this female rapper will get discovered I hope my prayers will be answered and thank you for your time


  3. Hello there,

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      1. hi my name is chickzori im in durban and im a hip hop artist in august im gonna be shooting my music video last year december i drop an ep single album my ep had 3 tracks and i have been trying to get a recording company thats gonna sign me but nothing thats why i decide to shoot my music video maybe its gonna be easy for the campanies to see me any help can be usefull my email is or you can go to to listen my songs thanks

  4. I’m 1/2 member of a rapper group called AgeBoyz. We are based in Port Eli(Port Elizabeth). We are musician,we don’t just rap. We also done international calloborations. To listen to what I’m talkin bout go to www. soundcloud. com/ kes-tokyo or google me at Kes-Tokyo,on fb Kes Tokyo and on twitter @KesTokyo. TaSTE PORT ELI


  5. Im a musician and recorded my album at mist recording studios singing is my passion,my life where my heart belongs.i am passionated,dedicated and hard working person with ability to give every effort to my task.i am also reliable and un afraid of challenges.


  6. Hi my name is tina turner. I am a hip hop female wrapper. I would love to be assisted by a good record company to achieve my goal. I love wrapping because it represent me. It will be my pleasure to get a positive response. You can call me in this number 0789356772 or email me @


  7. hi my name is Tumelo known as deadpush underground rapper from a small town were it hard to get things in most of the time i do freestlye and i think that i can go big only if i can get in a real studio .in some of my demo i ft my brother known as nutty sleezy so can i get help and get signed i promise i wont disapoint ima do my best and show my self to the world i want to take hip hop to another level and lft ma name deadpush up as i push rappers to the dead line with the mic wait for the responds please i need a deal me on 0721246301 IM FROM CAROLINA IN MPUMALANGA


  8. Am an artist, producer and also master my own projects” I have rejected deals couse I feel they aint really good’ looking for a real label and a dedicated one” I promise you that I will never disappoint” Am the future ” word” my bbm pin:291BD0FC


  9. Ay err’body I’m a local mc from da NC, I’ve been busy makin ma own music, I had releasd ma 1st mixtape last year, it wasn’t that good, bt I had put effortt init. I record from ma pc, coz I can’t get to a studio. I also made 11 music videos on ma own, by just using windows movie maker, if you wan2 you can go watch’em on youtube, by just searching for Louvi Ace..hope this help me to success


  10. Ay u guys my name is luwenn cloete aka Louvi Ace, ima local mc here in da NC, if there’s anyone who liked to hear and see my stuff, you can go look them at youtube, by searching Louvi Ace, they are homemade stuff…tanx


  11. Hi.iam luking 4 a record company that can sign 1 of the only 3 rapper in our place(giyani 14c).i started rapping when i was 13yrs,now am trying by all means to be a person am hoping to be


  12. Ayo. My name is prisllie a.k.a lirrie king I am a good and dope rapper from ivory park ext 2. I got this mixtape of mine called the takeover. I also have a song titled kenny kunene(mad music) inspired by his show of bog money big dreams. So what. I also look forward 2 work wth new money records. My contact is 0764578737 and my email is plz respond mr kunene if u r intrested


  13. Hey I’m so behind what you guys believe in….I think its 100% true… Anyway I’m part of a group in middelburg called psych Africa…we always put it down….nomatter and we r so motivated… We are a whole hip hop movement on our own… Doing shows and everything we can… One thing can say is… SA got hip hop heart but SA brain is fucked up… And there is many artist that deserve to be heard… I’m a artist to and we gonna make it to the top do doubt… If you ever want reall hip hop… come to middelburg …


  14. Hey what’s up… This is your boy young 7… Got my mixtape dropping soon…. Would really appreciate if you guys could jump on board and help anyway you can… It would mean a lot… Thanks halla back…


  15. Im 15 years old,i have been making commercial hip hop tracks since i was 13,im struggling with marketing myself.i would like anybody to help my area “chaneng rustenburg” many rappers respect and like me but i still want to spread my thoughts around the world,and the only way i can do that is to get a good recording label that would help me achieve my dream.please help


  16. Hi am Eassy, I am a Rapper and also an R&B song writer. Am looking for a Record Deal and to show case my talent to the world, Am very passionate about music and I was born with the talent for it. Hope to be a part of you guys and also to hear from you, Thanks.

    Contact: 0799936008.
    Area: Pretoria.
    Position: Rapper/songwriter.
    Reason: Record Deal & studio time.


  17. eyow are u intrestd to grab sme kasi style of hip hop of oudtshoorn well tag me on myt email adres were we can talk further


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