Brutal Road Rage Caught on CCTV in South Africa

Road Rage Incident in Bloemfontein – CCTV footage of a Bloemfontein of a taxi driver (Mini Bus Driver ) brutally attacking a pedestrian after knocking him over with his vehicle.The Driver appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court but was released shortly after his court appearance causing a national out-raw.The case has been re-opened after the video surfaced on YouTube, our justice system is under international scrutiny.South African road range is out of control and only getting worse. There are many reported cases of violence on South Africa roads mainly due to taxi overtaking with indication or cutting in front of someone else.  Police advise motorist to remain calm and not get out of their cars if this happens, many taxi drivers are armed or involved in gangsterism and crime.

South African Road rage does not only happen in the taxi industry, as a commuter I have seen so much violence on the road due not road users not being courteous  enough.Road rage tends to happen at peak hours under traffic congestion, this is the time the drivers are in a hurry to get home and are extremely frustrated due to the conditions. It is proven that traffic jams  have a physiological affect on drivers , especially ones that are extremely impatient . Since lfewer people are using public transport, this has led and increase to the amount of vehicles on the roads and free-way , possibly one of the main causes of road rage in South Africa.


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