Police Brutality in South Africa

There have been 1000’s  of case reporting Police brutality in South Africa, many have gone unattended however the government and the police department claim that they have a strong hold on corruption, police conduct, law and order yet things like this still happen in South Africa.This man in the video was attacked my a mob of policemen in a fashion only comparable to an animal or dog.

I have experienced police brutality at a Woodstock Police Station in  Cape Town. Police have no regard for the law since they are made to believe that they are here to enforce it and not obey it themselves.The justice system is built in such a way that only the innocent suffer, police and criminals have  a special bond between them, a romance that you and I, (the law abiding citizen)  will never be part off.

We are the outsiders, left to defend ourselves both against criminal and the same people put here to protect us, the South African Police Department.

Don’t believe me? try making a case at Woodstock police station, if you are white, things might go a lot smoother for you but that’s not a guarantee.

I was there last week and the police officers were hung-over, lazy and unhelpful.I was mugged but they showed no empathy and merely wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible.We are a nuisance to them, a burden not worth dying for or taking a bullet for while on duty.


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