Does Marijuana cure glaucoma

There have been countless debates regarding the use of dagga as medical Marijuana treatment in South Africa which is one of the worlds leading producers of Dagga (Marijuana).Apart from its obvious properties, marijuana advocates believe that weed can be used to treat various conditions such blood pressure, cancer, depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s , cataracts and ironically, chronic glaucoma.
We would like to explore this claim a bit further, looking into medical facts against the supposed medical miracle. (Find out more about Eye Procedures and iLASIK surgery)

Glaucoma is refers to series of eye conditions caused by severe damage to the optical nerve that transmits visual information to the brain,this is mainly caused by increase pressure to the eye(intraocular pressure or IOP ). Glaucoma can also cause blindness and Africans (Black) are at higher risk of getting this disease, the disease is also inherited.Symptoms include tearing,red swollen eyes, deterioration of eye colour and loss of vision.

Can Marijuana be used to treat glaucoma ?

Researchers have been trying to prove this theory for years and though there have been some finds that highlight the benefits of dagga as a pain-killer or treatment for chronic ailments none have really be substantial enough to indicate that it is a good replacement for modern-day medication.In order for marijuana to have a clinical effect on glaucoma, mainly the optical nerve, one would have to smoke a joint every 3 hours for 10 years.
Marijuana has over 400 chemical compounds in it, only one is used medically to treat vomiting and nausea,it’s an extraction of THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol ) called Marinol.The inhalation or smoking of marijuana has been proved to have more negative side effects than good.

Currently there are no eye institutes that use dagga to treat glaucoma in South Africa due to the lack of evidence regarding the medical effects of Marijuana.The approved medical treatment of glaucoma involves the reduction of eye pressure, this is done through Laser therapy or Eye surgery


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  1. GW Pharmaceuticals are selling a mouth spray called Sativex:

    I guess Marijuana extracts and compounds are all fine once they are sold by pharmaceutical companies at inflated prices that lots of people can not really afford.

    This natural HERB has many medicinal qualities but it’s illegal to grow or smoke, but it’s fine for GW Pharm to sell it to us? BS if you ask me!

    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” – Ghandi


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