Google Play now Launched – Download Android Games

Google’s Play tab has been active on the search toolbar. Their former Android App download store has been revamped and rebranded to Google Play. You can now access games, apps, music and movies on this lovely Google App platform. It is believed to have over 450,000 thousand apps, millions of music and thousands of movies available for download.(Nice)

Most of the Apps and Games are available for free, you can also review, sample and according to ratings. Google Play also allows you to share media or apps that you like with your friends. You recommend your favourite songs, game or movie to a friend, just like the Google Plus feature.

What makes it even more awesome, it that you do not need an android device or mobile phone; you can access these apps via the web. It is definitely capable of rivalling Apple OS App store and what makes it cooler is that “Now Play” is available on top of your toolbar with your Gmail account and Google products such Docs and News.You can Google Play Now by following the instructions below.
Google Play Now Toolbar

What are the benefits of Google Play Now?

Rent a movie on-line.
Buy or sample a book on-line all in Digital format.
Download Apps and Games free.
Share Movies, Music , Games and Books with friends in your circle.
This is one powerful app store with lots of potential to take the mobile world by Storm.
Google Play Toolbar


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