Lionel Messi the best football player ever ?

This generation has been blessed with two footballers that have far exceeded the level of football know to man as exceptional. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have reached God-like status in terms of football. There have been countless comparisons between Messi Vs Ronaldo but not enough to separate the two from the top of greatest footballers list.

While one seems to be striving to become the best of his time the other seems to be proving the notion that he is the best of all time.Most would beg to differ, cynically stating that Messi has a far better supply ratio from a team that already has world-class individual players.Barcelona arguably has the world best functioning team in all sports, with passing abilities that nearly seem telepathic but making such a unquantifiable statement does not erase the fact that the team is build around Messi. The short, stocky Argentine play-maker is the heart of Barcelona’s attack, not allowing scoring but creating numerous goals for his team-mates.

Real Madrid structure’s their team in such a way that it catered so serve Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is most threatening on the break and can use his pace, skill and power to drive towards goal. Madrid have quite a line up of world-class player who come with a hefty price tag, their depth seems endless.This means that both players have a nearly equal platforms that contribute to their sensually goal scouring tally.

It’s extremely difficult to tell who is better in terms of goal scoring but the world seems to be roughing for the 24 year Lionel Mess who has left many defences speechless. In teams of stats Ronaldo and Messi are very close however Messi has been breaking records merely a matter of days apart.

Some would say he is the next Maradona or Pele; some would even go as far as to say that he has surpassed the sensational players who have cemented their names in Football History. Pele scored more goals but most of them were in lesser leagues and competitions, we still can’t take away from the Brazilian legend but one needs to consider that he played in a great deal of charity matches One could argue that Pele managed to win the World Cup three times with his national and Ronaldo and that Messi have yet to achieve that but it still does not take away from their abilities as footballers.

Just like Messi and Ronaldo Maradona have scored some memorable goals in his career and almost single handedly led his to to World Cup Victory. With less than 200 games apart, Messi is quickly on track on passing his fellow countryman’s all time goal record. Maradona has scored 292 goals while Messi is currently 256, a difference of 36 and the funny thing is at age 24, Messi’s career is only beginning.

As Ryan Giggs says it “Maradona and Pele won the World Cup with Argentina and Brazil. When Messi wins a World Cup with his country, he’ll step on to the podium.”
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Ronaldo-Messi goal scoring rivalry:

Ronaldo vs Messi goal scoring

Messi vs Maradona & Pele


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