Best Terrible and Bad Baby Names

bad baby names crying baby





When it comes to choosing baby names some parents make terrible choices that can have deeply traumatic effects on their childhood. There is a lot of thinking that goes behind choosing a name for your children, name selections could ultimately lead to your child being a victim of name picking (calling). Name calling can be an awful experience for a kid, so do not let your baby be a victim of the list of “Bad Baby Names” circulating as trends.

I have jotted down a list of names that I’ve come across in both in South Africa and abroad, these names mean different things depending on the culture and language they are associated with.

Dick – Can be confused with a certain male appendage

Mads – Will turn out cool if you’re a crazy Danish Photographer

Wouter – A the name of an infamous South African cardiologist whom created biochemical weapons that could kill off black South African is apartheid unfortunately I have mate who works with me called Wouter

Kyro – I originally wanted to name my son Kyro like the city “Cairo” but my girlfriend refused as it might encourage the child to play bones

Kim – Though the name is unisex and short, this named is shared by billions of people in Asia, do you want that for your child?

Simba – In Africa is means strength, to the rest of the world it means potato crisps.

If you have some baby names that are a lot worst please share. I have also included some images of bad baby names.



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