Booker Makers Bookies and Sports Betting

Sports betting in South Africa has caused an increase in bookies (Book-makers setting up shop mainly in Cape Town and Durban.Most of these are illegal outfits however some good online betting websites broadcast live for soccer predictions.Some websites start of a just plan website offering football tips and statistics for free sports predictions.

Illegal gambling has been around the sports industry for 100’s of years but the internet has made sportbetting a much more lucrative industry for sports bookies.With todays technology you can now stream football live from your computer, iPad, Android or Smart-phone without any break in transmission.

Sport betting has become very dangerous, a few days ago police discovered that a London bookmaker named Don Banfield was had been actually murdered by his wife and daughter after treating his disappearance as a missing persons case since 2009, his body has never been found.His wife told police he was a womanizer and avid sports gambler.

Last Month in Islamabad, a local Book Maker was shot in the head after India defeated Pakistan in Asia Cup cricket match that was broad-casted live online. In some cases it’s the bookies and loan shark that come after debtor or gamblers, it’s important to realize that sport betting can be very dangerous if not done in a safe and legal environment.

South African book makers have not yet seen the gruesome nature of online betting however, thanks to many legitimate sports betting websites like SportingBet – South Africa’s largest online sportsbook Click Here, we are now able to get live sport predictions, football|soccer tips, bet on who is going to win the Champions League without being shot 😉


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