God and Tracking Systems

Fridays are always so slow and I find myself contemplating on what I am going to write next. It had to be something meaningful yet good enough to read, then it had me thinking “shouldn’t all my writing be like be like that?”  Well, my biggest difficulty was writing something about vehicle tracking without having to involve my religious beliefs, mainly because of what I saw yesterday.

Let me take you back a bit, 3 months ago my Manager, George, was kind enough to offer me a ride home. I got into his cute cosmopolitan vehicle which I just couldn’t help compare to my previous cars in terms of fuel consumption. The car was relatively tiny, finished with nothing but a few glowing buttons and a built in CD-player.

As he started the engine the alarm system went off in a panic, the annoying beeping sound was load enough to wake Henry Ford from his grave. My manager explained that since his purchased his car the alarm system has never worked, the day it did was the day he didn’t have the receiver to which it off.

Immediately I felt an urge to flee and embrace my regular means of commuting but it just wouldn’t be right, especially after being employed by George for only 2 weeks. “What a dilemma” I thought, as I rustled thought a bunch of random electronic cables; pretending to be of assistance.

Without this “receiver” device, the situation seemed futile; I reluctantly suggested that he cut all the wires running to the alarm system. Strangely, he agreed and proceeded to do so, a few minutes passed and the sound stopped but the flashing of the lights didn’t.  That evening we drove home carefully, unwilling fully breaking several road and traffic violations.

Who knew that 3 months later he would be gifted with a free alarm system from a Fleet management company? The alarm system had all the modern trimmings such as vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring. This is not cross selling or at least not yet…there was a twist but not one he had expected.

On Thursday George received a call to inform him that a weird looking guy was seen fiddling around with his car through surveillance footage. George immediately rushed out the office and managed to get there in time to confront the guy whom happened to be the technician who was called out to install the tracking system. The car keys were handed over to him; the technician began his work while my George stood aside with looming and concerned glare. The technician went on to speak about religion as he installed the tracking system; this is when the man explained why he chose a career in vehicle tracking.

“God monitors us all, he knows where we are going and he knows what route we need take to get there. “ At this point you can imagine what my manager’s face looked like. “God is able to track our every move out of concern and wants’ to protect us from being stolen, misused and lost.” he continued to speak.

This stranger, strangely made sense and even though the memory of him fades by day, I will never forget the sound of that beeping alarm and what it meant to someone else.


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