Jessica Leandra Dos Santos Racist tweets

Jessica Leandra Dos Santos has released some controversially racist tweets on Twitters on Friday. “Just, well took on a on arrogant and disrespectful kaffir inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have”. Some of her details Age: 20, born 20 March 1992

Model Jessica Leandra dos Santos is last years winner in the FHM Models 2011 competition. FHM has release a public tweet stating that they have stripped her of FHM Model Book 2011 title and all sponsorship , Ouch!!  She has also deleted her Twitter account after fail to gain support from her fans for racist remarks she made today.  Instead of apologizing Jessica dug her grave deeper by tweet somewhat oblivious statements like this one for example “Would u all stop!   These are the kinds of people that land up raping young girls of our country! I wasn’t going to let him get away with it.” Shame on you Jessy!!!

FHM Jessica Dos Santos Racist Tweets

FHM also released an official an official statement on their website regarding, Jessica Leandra Dos Santos Racist tweets.  The magazine claim to be appalled by her blatant racist tweets and has stripped her of her title with immediate effect. Jessica’s photo’s have been removed from the FHM website and want nothing to do with her at all.




    1. Jabu.. the surname “Dos Santos ” is Portuguese, dont because she is white automatically assume that she a ‘boer”, so leave the afrikaaner people out of it.


      1. Nadle83 hahaha thanks 4 the good laugh. Jabu is prob solo confused right now. Hahahah

      2. Well Sibz, maybe he should take a look at his surname “smith” and ask himself where that surname comes from? that is more “boer” then anything else. My comment was not meant to confuse anynoe but it rather irritates when a caucasian person ” not being of afrikaans origin on back ground” does or says something and then it said to be “THE BOERS” i mean get your fact straight if you want to make a stupid comment like that, which in my opinion is just as bad as the comment this ignorant Jessica chick made!!!!

  1. This ignorant bigot should go back home to Mozambique. Most Portuguese folk are grateful to be in South Africa and are thankful that South Africans have embraced them as fellow citizens after their flight from Mozambique in the mid 70’s.


  2. Not to be the one to spoil the crucifixion party, but I always thought a coin had two sides. Whilst I do not condone her remarks, I have to wonder about this:

    Are we, as a people, okay then with the fact that she had uncalled for advances made towards her? So it is OK to be sexually harassed? Why are we not stringing up this “gentleman” with her then?

    Bullshit is what I call this!


    1. Well that gentleman made an advance on her, then she generalizes all black south Africans as rapists and calls us kaffirs. We fought for our freedom and wen 1 ignorant person makes comments like that, there r big problems. She dug her own grave


  3. well looks like its a smoke scree, she tweeted about it a day after the incident..ahem…..sympathy strategy.. i think so…black dude living in SA and the more i see such stuff the more i think whites are racist, dont get it twisted…there are black racists out there but it seems that since we cannot read anyones thoughts and feelings, e.g. heard a couple of dudes at work like “since they are free, these kaffirs think they own south africa”, walked in to join the and they acted like nothing had happnd, too bad they dont kno what i heard…so thats it, i blieve whites are racist, just too good at hiding it


  4. She feels offended because of some stupid remarks?? Come on! She only has herself 2blame. I mean who the hell deserves respect if u can’t even respect yourself. Jessica seems quite okay exposing her body 2 a camera, and even has a title as a sex symbol. Obviously she’s going 2 have men perving over her. And I suppose just because the man wasn’t the same colour as her, she felt offended. she should instead feel ashamed for showing off her body with minimal coverage, and accept that she is soley 2 be blamed 4 her encounter. As 4 her racist remarks, she deserve all the consequences that has endeavored her


  5. come on ok! we all get it now, so what she tuned a black guy that happens everyday! and it also happens with a black tuning a white every day aswell. what would have happened if it was a white guy? and she said that he was stupid white trash? its not our fault that blacks have specific words aimed at them. just give her a break because she is more beautiful then all of you and your girlfriends!!!


  6. Africa has a bigger/nigger problem. No african country is part of the G8. so blacks aren’t that smart after all.


  7. “Africa has a bigger/nigger problem” I am not sure what this is supposed to mean. Nonetheless, it is not flattering about Africa. Question: I assume you wrote this in Africa. Why are you here. I would buy you a free ticket to go home – Greece, Portugal or wherever you come from. White South Africans are the luckiest of all Caucasian species on the planet. I think you should count your blessings that you were accidentally born with less melanin in our beautiful land. No, Africa is not part of the G8, but the G8 want part of Africa. Enjoy the weather while you contemplate your trip to Greece. Oh! you can pick a mansion on the sea in Ireland for a song. Bon Voyage.


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