How To Choose A Bank Account: 10 Things To Look For

Choosing a bank is like the initial stages of dating , there are certain attributes that you look for  and there are certain attributes that might just put you off. Sometimes people end up with someone they don’t really want to be with because they did  not carefully consider whether or not that person was suitable for their personality and lifestyle.  Does the person you are with share the same aspirations, do they genuinely care and do they help you grow?

A bad relationship can leave you feeling neglected, , undervalued , frustrated , disappointed and often cheated. You need to ask the right questions and make the right decisions even if they are heard.


We would like to know what type of relationship you would like to have with your bank. Please tell us about yourself, what you do and what your financial goals are in the comments section. Beneath are my responses to the following questions.

  1. When choosing a bank, what do you look for in a bank?

Answer: I look for great service, I want a bank that understands me and makes an effort to establish a relationship. Low bank fees, transparency and excellent services are key.


  1. What are your greatest concerns/fears you have of banks or banking ?

Answer: Security, I am petrified of online banking merely because the high level of cyber fraud

  1. What frustrates you the most about banks?

Answer: Waiting in long queues and taking longer than a few hours to process payments.

  1. What’s the most important thing you want our of your banking?

Answer: Easier, access to loans. In this financial crunch it’s good to know that you can turn to your bank when needed.


  1. When saving, is a bank’s interest rates important to you?

Answer: Yes, I would leave my money in my account for longer if I had interest rates over 11%

  1. Do you bank online? If not, why?

Answer: Yes I do. It was tricky at first but now I am use to it.

  1. Do you make online purchases? If not, why?

Answer: Yes I do.

  1. Do you make use of mobile banking including banking apps ?

Answer: Yes, they are so convenient

  1. Do you have or use a credit card ,  If not , why ?

Answer: Nope, will never get one again. Having one caused me serious financial issues.

  1. Would you switch to Capitec, why?

Answer: I use to bank with them but switched to FNB so I could have nicer looking card that doesn’t break all the time, kidding. It was more of a perception thing, I still own a Capitec account but my salary goes into FNB, I hate Standard Bank and might just give Nedbank a go but Capitec is the best.


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