How To Choose A Bank Account: 10 Things To Look For

Choosing a bank is like the initial stages of dating , there are certain attributes that you look for  and there are certain attributes that might just put you off. Sometimes people end up with someone they don’t really want to be with because they did  not carefully consider whether or not that person was suitable for their personality and lifestyle.  Does the person you are with share the same aspirations, do they genuinely care and do they help you grow?

A bad relationship can leave you feeling neglected, , undervalued , frustrated , disappointed and often cheated. You need to ask the right questions and make the right decisions even if they are heard.


We would like to know what type of relationship you would like to have with your bank. Please tell us about yourself, what you do and what your financial goals are in the comments section. Beneath are my responses to the following questions.

  1. When choosing a bank, what do you look for in a bank?

Answer: I look for great service, I want a bank that understands me and makes an effort to establish a relationship. Low bank fees, transparency and excellent services are key.


  1. What are your greatest concerns/fears you have of banks or banking ?

Answer: Security, I am petrified of online banking merely because the high level of cyber fraud

  1. What frustrates you the most about banks?

Answer: Waiting in long queues and taking longer than a few hours to process payments.

  1. What’s the most important thing you want our of your banking?

Answer: Easier, access to loans. In this financial crunch it’s good to know that you can turn to your bank when needed.


  1. When saving, is a bank’s interest rates important to you?

Answer: Yes, I would leave my money in my account for longer if I had interest rates over 11%

  1. Do you bank online? If not, why?

Answer: Yes I do. It was tricky at first but now I am use to it.

  1. Do you make online purchases? If not, why?

Answer: Yes I do.

  1. Do you make use of mobile banking including banking apps ?

Answer: Yes, they are so convenient

  1. Do you have or use a credit card ,  If not , why ?

Answer: Nope, will never get one again. Having one caused me serious financial issues.

  1. Would you switch to Capitec, why?

Answer: I use to bank with them but switched to FNB so I could have nicer looking card that doesn’t break all the time, kidding. It was more of a perception thing, I still own a Capitec account but my salary goes into FNB, I hate Standard Bank and might just give Nedbank a go but Capitec is the best.


13 Dead after truck over turned in Pietermaritzburg

Taxi Flattened leaving 13 dead Pietermaritzburg

13 people have died after a truck over turned in Pietermaritzburg on Friday the 30th of September 2011.The vehicle overturned and landed on a taxi  in the midst of Greytown Road, stated busy paramedics on the scene.

Derrick Banks, an ER24 spokesman said the death toll tallied to a number of 13 people dead with seven other badly injured and another in critical condition.

This occurred on Friday morning and paramedics say that people were still stuck in the afternoon and  roads we completely closed to traffic.

Khanyi Mbau Nude Picture Leaked

Socilaite Khanyisile Mbau has been seen nude after naked pictures were leaked on the internet.Khanyi Mbua has been very quit about the surfacing of these pictures on the internet.The nude photos of Khanyi Mbau who leaked on Twitter,no one knows whether these naked photos were intensionally leaked by Mbau herself.It’s shocking to see Khanyi nude ,from showing her private parts at her birthday to posing nude in front of a camera.Surprisingly none of her ZAR and “So what” counterparts have come to her rescue.Kenny Kunene failed to comment on the naked photos and Gayton Mckenzie only hinted on Twitter that everyone has issues but not all of us make it public.blogs have been posting these pictures of Khanyi Nude everywhere, we are proud to say that clubcorona were one of the first to uncover this story.Mbau was criticized by many public figured including Juluis Malema and  Garth Cliff.

Khanyi Mbau’s nude pcitures are expremly pornographic and shameful.

What do you think of Khanyi Mbau’s nude pics ?

Searching for khanyi mbau nude pictures and photos or “khanyi mbau nude images”,Mbau Naked Pics Leak online check the out.

Khanyi Mbau nude pictures leaked on the internet

Khanyi mbau nude- naked  pictured exposed on the internet

Khanyi Mbau nude photo's naked


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Khanyi Mbau naked pictures

Khanyi Mbau nude photo's

Are you looking for the new nude Khanyi Mbau naked pictures ?

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Khanyi Mbau has been stripped of her dignity when nude photos of her surfaced on the internet, shocking South Africans. The pictures show her unclothed and exposed to the world. How does a rich house wife go on to be the shame of South Africa? Mbau has frequently being seen rolling around with the ZAR empire crew has benefit financially from relationships with Mandla Mthembu and Theunis Crous. The Queen of Bling has gone from losing her canary yellow branded khanyi mbau Lamborghini to going broke and taking 3rd Class seats on a South African airline. Last week khanyi mbau was allegedly fondled by Kenny Kunene who is now involved in a Twitter dispute with thought to be girlfriend Eda Rose.  Follow me on Twitter @darkbishopsa

The pictures are extremely shocking, Khanyi Mbau is seen bare naked, posing for the camera with no attempt to conceal her identity at all.Rumors indicate that the photo’s had been released a while ago, some assume it was her who leaked them for publicity others say it was a jealous ex boyfriend, angered by the incident involving Kenny Kunene. Khanyi Mbau, the self titled “Queen of Bling” has a bad reputation as an attention seeking gold digger. Mbau has been in multiple relationships with rich powerful men and openly admits to milking them for cash. We have seen a transition from caring expensive tasted wife to celebrity status, money hungry socialite. The naked photo’s of Khanyi Mbau have caused quite a stir with many fans feeling divided about her image and reputation. The Sushi Queen of Bling is not bothered and lashed back on Twitter.


It’s now March and our Queen of controversy has bounced back at the critics, Khanyi Mbau  has successfully release a new music  video ,single and biography.Mbau has been feature on Kenny Kunune ‘s hit show really TV show “So What” hosted by the Sushi king. Khanyi has also mad some significant success on social media platforms such as twitter with a rapid increase in fame and fan base.Many have already forgot about her nude escapades after her photos of her naked in a bath were leaked onto the internet.Three  b00b jobs later later South Africa has come to know Khanyi Mbau, she is no longer regarded as attractive sugar daddy loving socialite , instead she has been the architect behind her own success.

Khanyi mbau has reached celebrity status and claims to have found God,there is no keeping this Queen of Bling down not even naked picture being leaked.The media and online magazine industry has feasted on her mistakes 2012 will definitively be a year of excitement for miss khanyi mbau.

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Mitchells Plain cop in court after allegedly raping teenager

Micthells Plain teenager  Raped by police officer Woodlands

Cape Town: A 15 year old girl from Woodlands, Mitchells Plain has accused a Cape Town Policeman of raping her two times on the day she approached him to allege that her father had continuously raped her for 9 months.

Mitchells Plain has long been the bee hive for sexual predators and a capital for domestic violence.
The 31-year-old policeman appeared in the Mitchells Plain Magistrate Court to apply for bail and was seen undeterred, mucking around with colleagues before the hearing had begun.

The Officer who remains unnamed due to him not yet pleading is a highly respected member of the community and police force, an active member of the Sexual Offences, Child Abuse and Family Violence unit.

Police report that the teenager brought forward the alleged sexual abuse by her father on the 5th of September at the Mitchells Plain Police Station.
The teen told police that her 37 year old father had repeatedly raped her for nine months.
Her father was arrested and the case was being investigated by the officers who is now being accused for the same crime.

Monday the 19 September, the 15 year old victim laid claims that she had been raped by the detective investigating the rape case, said Captain FC Van Wyk a spokesman for the Mitchells Plain police.
According to statements, she was interviewed by the policeman in his  office on the day that she had confronted the police about her father’s alleged sexual abuse and this was when the policeman had supposedly raped her.

” He forced himself on her and raped her on three occasions.”

The police offer is pleading “not guilty” and is  facing  three rape charges.

The Micthells Plain police officer said that the case was brought to his attention by a local social worker prior him interviewing her at her school on the 5th of September  2011. The officer told that the court that he later took her to the police station to get an official statement about the rape allegations. The policeman proceeded to take her to a hospital for an examination accompanied by the young girls grandmother.

State prosecution proclaim that the police officer raped the adolescent without a condom.In the fear of the accused intimidating
the victim, the new investigating officer opposed bail.

The accused officer declared that he was not a dangerous man and that he family needed his support as well as bills having to be paid.
”I will not threaten the complainant” he told the court.

There has been 500 sex offenses report in Mitchells Plain this year dating up to March,this incident has outraged many residents of the Mitchell’s Plain community however police representatives testify that the accused officer was a respectable, trustworthy worker and that the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Unit was the best in the Western Cape.

A local Pastor, Alfonso Schilder, of Mount Hope Church, Woodlands Claims that many rapes offenses occur in the woodlands community but are not report to the influence of drug dealers and gangs who threaten victims.
Many of these rape cases are very common and quickly swept under the rug as they are not viewed as abnormal, it has become quite the norm.

The case has been moved to Bellville police station for further investigation.

Kenny Kunenes Girlfriend Eda Rose YFM presenter

Eda Rose YFMHost denies being involved with Kenny Kunene
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Last week we saw a mysterious picture taken from Zoopy of Kenny Kunene shoving his hands inside Khanyi Mbau’s golden cups to feel her breast.This happened at the launch party of “So What” , a new Reality TV Show on ETV. Those who can remember the first episode would notice that he apparently has a “Girlfriend” on the show, a cute frizzy haired former London Metropolitan University student who goes by the name Eda Rose.

Rose is a YFM producer and co-host on the “Flava in Da Mornin” Breakfast Show and also has a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

On the show Kunene  frequently refers to her as “babe” as she struggles down a flight of stairs, rushing to make it on time for President Jacob Zuma’s daughter’s wedding.

According to IOL, Eda Rose appeared on Bonang Matheba’s YFM show and dismissed rumors of her being involved with the Sushi King, she claims that they were only good friends.

Gayton Mckenzie , Kenny Kunene’s business partner feels different. He has release some comments on Twitter stating that Eda Rose and Kenny kunene were indeed involved in a relationship. A succession of tweets demanding that the young aspiring musician owns up and tells the trust.

Tweets vary from claims that she had shared a bedroom with Kunene ,Mckenzie even threatens to release video footage from surveillance tapes.

“So What” is bound to cause a lot of controversy, the next episode we will see Kenny Kunene’s view and actions on polygamy , tune in on ETV at 19h30 every Saturday.

Does South Africa now has it’s very own Amber Rose? check out Gayton Mckenzie Tweets. Eda is too big to respond, listen to her single “Try Our Love”

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South African Eyewitness News Reader Mark Esterhuysen Fired For the saying “F”word on air

Mark Esterhuysen a radio news reader for the The Eyewitness News Radio Station has been fired

Mark Esterhuysen a radio news reader for the The Eyewitness News Radio Station has been fired for using the F-word 13 times on air.According to the South African Press Association reports,Esterhuysen went ballistic while reading Eyewitness News bulletin repeatedly using profanity.

The Eyewitness News Reader by began greeting the audience and thenwhen on a rampage.”Good morning, I’m Mark Esterhuysen … f*** racism” he continues ” f*** the pigs that killed Andries Tatane”

Mark Esterhuysen clearly did not care about getting fired and vented his discontent regarding South African current affairs. He also urged
listeners to follow Twitter page and blog titled Push-Button Publishing.

Some of the highlights, “F*** the AWB” Mark is heard pausing for breath and continues again “We are all wild animals meant to live
free, f*** capitalism. f*** fascism” F*** …..this f*****g wage slavery graveyard s*** ” and a classic “Fuck Malema”

Moments after the outburst, his producer managed to calm him down by playing a Rod Stewart track.

Could anyone see this coming?

Mark Esterhuysen was junior news reader but christened himself an”Enemy of the State, Master debater and Defender of Anarchy”

This can be seen on his Twitter page along with comments you would expect from an activist.

Though his outburst on air led to him being sacked, a lot of people see the young news reader as a hero, this is by far the greatest resignation
letter ever.