How to let go – Hoarders Storage Solutions

I was watching a reality TV series called Hoarders last week on DSTV; it’s about American families who are confined within their own living space due to their inability of getting rid of things. This show might not be riveting or adrenalin pumping but it does leave you with an emotionally intense viewer experience. The act of hoarding is more physiological than anything else; some people have a strong emotional attachment to possessions that are no longer in practical use or relevant to their lives.

A few years ago before finding the love of my life, I too was once a victim of excessive collectiveness. Most of my belongings were memoirs, souvenirs and antiques which I had regarded as potential artefacts. My collection of treasures included high school love letters, doodles, favourite t-shirts (worn out) and little bits of collectables I had acquire in my youth.

The situation really frustrated my girlfriend, she kept throwing out what she thought was rubbish only to find it in the same place the next day. There was no way I  was going to let go years of history and precious memories, my mind set ultimately caused a rift between us and Taryn was soon out of the house. Apart from suffering from ODC (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Taryn actually had a valid point; the junk I had been collecting in my life was really starting to get out of control. Our home had become a dump site, a heaven for dust mites and I was not able to see this. I thought the solution was getting a bigger house but the resolution had to start from me.

Taryn was going to be my future wife and I had to make some drastic changes in my life in order to save our relationship. After reading books on how to get organised (Strangely, these books were muddled around the house) I was determined to free up my living space and create a healthy environment for myself and Taryn to work and live in. The first thing I had to learn was “Letting Go”, it took me 5 days to clear the monstrous mess that I had caused over the last 5 years.

One Day

I cleared up all spaces that were not being used regularly, like my closet, garage and basement. After piling up all my unwanted junk in large plastic bins, I headed off to the local Brick & Brack store and sold the entire pile for R1500.

Day Two

Then, after drowning myself in red bull energy drinks, I had managed to install multiple racks and storage systems in all areas of the house.

Day Three

With the help of my best friend where, I was able to re-arrange the existing furniture and also add new decorations that I had bought from the money I received for my unwanted goods. I must say at the point the house was looking pretty sterling.

Day Four

Apart from tapping into my fanshui , I has to clean up my mentality and rid my mind of old habits . The fourth day was the hardest for me as I spend most of my time chucking love letters into my fire place.

Day 5

Day five I called Taryn to come over and surprised her, including myself with lovely romantic dinner in a clean and cosy setting.

I have since managed to keep our new home clutter free with  help of this  cool website that offer great storage solutions in South Africa.  Though we might have our quarrels about living space, my life has never been as organised as it is today. Cleaning up my act has sparked a lot of great things in my life, we have to learn to let go of things that are no longer relevant in our lives especially it is directly affecting the people we love.


Jessica Leandra Dos Santos Racist tweets

Jessica Leandra Dos Santos has released some controversially racist tweets on Twitters on Friday. “Just, well took on a on arrogant and disrespectful kaffir inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have”. Some of her details Age: 20, born 20 March 1992

Model Jessica Leandra dos Santos is last years winner in the FHM Models 2011 competition. FHM has release a public tweet stating that they have stripped her of FHM Model Book 2011 title and all sponsorship , Ouch!!  She has also deleted her Twitter account after fail to gain support from her fans for racist remarks she made today.  Instead of apologizing Jessica dug her grave deeper by tweet somewhat oblivious statements like this one for example “Would u all stop!   These are the kinds of people that land up raping young girls of our country! I wasn’t going to let him get away with it.” Shame on you Jessy!!!

FHM Jessica Dos Santos Racist Tweets

FHM also released an official an official statement on their website regarding, Jessica Leandra Dos Santos Racist tweets.  The magazine claim to be appalled by her blatant racist tweets and has stripped her of her title with immediate effect. Jessica’s photo’s have been removed from the FHM website and want nothing to do with her at all.


Waste Management and Storage Solutions

Waste is an accurate reflection of the human species, we consumers that plunder and over indulge. Looking at history we have always seeking green pasture, moving to far corners of the world searching for something new. The earth once flourished with an abundance of green and wildness, rivers that are now contaminated were once the source of life. Now look at us, look at what we have done to Mother Nature?

Waste affects the health of the environment as well as the people who live depend on it. The more urbanized human beings become the more waste production increases and without a proper waste management system we screwed. How do you handle waste or minimize its harmful impact on the environment? Waste can be recycled; we can turn waste into a resource provided that we implement a effective waste management system. Many organisations have started using plastic storage containers to separate glass from plastic waste, this has proven to be very effective and the South African Department of Health and Resources has encouraged other business to follow suit. It all begins with an eco-friendly mindset, that not just business should partake but us as a human species should adopt.

There are solutions available for both home and industrial use, steel shelving reduce wastage in the food industry as it keeps fresh foods cooler for longer. One company in particular has excelled in waste management solutions, check out their plastic storage containers.

Waste Management

Worlds Largest Cookie

A few weeks ago while research baking recipes when  I stumbled across a picture of the world largest cookie on the internet.No, not the size of a table or room, this cookie is huge and could possibly be the size of a small neighborhood in china. It’s no doubt that this circular treat is the  worlds largest, biggest, most  enormous and freakishly disturbing cookie. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @darkbishopsa

the worlds-biggest-cookie

Bond Originator and Home Loans

Securing a home loan is not easy, so it’s comes as no surprise that most people hire a bond originator to do the “dirty work.”  Making use of a bond originator is a decision that will make the process of securing a bond much easier. Yes, filling out a simple application form might seem easy to you but there are several details that can cause complications if not addressed correctly. Bond Originators know exactly were banks need in order to successfully approve a home loan and will look out for these key elements in your application.

Some people have much more difficulty complete these types of application forms due to lack of experience or understanding of the home loan application procedure. A few South African banks have claimed that they have lost a lot of clients due them being overwhelmed or discouraged by the process. Thought most banks have their own load consultants it’s might prove a lot less bias if you hire your own specialist, someone who speaks on your behalf.

I know the title might be intimidating to a few people but bond originator services are mostly free so there is no need to worry about affordability. There is no application fee, processing fee or service fee applicable for the type because they are actually paid on commission by the selected bank. Bond Originators help speed up the application process, negotiate payment terms and examine your documents needed to apply for a home loan.

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