Personal Online Loans and Insurance

Fast Online Personal Loans and Life Insurance with instant approval.Enjoy instant personal loans with accredited micro loans specialist such as African Bank and Boodle.Simply apply on-line and your loan could be approved in minutes of the loan application. You can also compare Insurance policies with no obligations. Also check out other financial services and policies by clicking on our banners.

Clientele offers one of the best legal products on the market. Clientèle Legal is an honest, easy and affordable way to get yourself a good lawyer. Lawyer fees can cost Thousands of Rands per hour. Why not fill in our simple form and found out how you can get affordable cover today:

Get legal cover now from only R120 per month
Get access to the best lawyers 24/7
Get up to R120 000 worth of legal assistance per year
Or get R1.2 million cover for life
Includes civil, criminal and labour matters

We also have on-line loans for blacklisted people in South Africa,all you have to do is apply for a personal loan online if you are not under debt review.

The focus of African Bank is to underwrite largely unsecured credit risk through the provision of
personal loans to the emerging market.
We offer a range of products through formal channels such as branches, traveling consultants and electronic media and we do not require any surety. Instead we assess the affordability and exposure of the client in order to determine installment repayment ability.

The Credit we offer can be applied to

improve your home
pay for studies
pay school fees
pay for funerals
buy retail items
personal use



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